About our podiatry service

Our podiatry service, based at our CQC rated 'Outstanding' hospital, offers a full range of diagnoses and treatments - including preventative care - for problems affecting your feet, ankles and lower legs.

We’re experts in podiatry and will create a specific treatment plan just for you. Our advanced technology means speedy diagnosis and treatment in one place, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy as quickly as possible.

Our treatments are supported by podiatry, physiotherapy and orthopaedics services in a calming environment in the heart of the Kent countryside.

I have a question about private podiatry services

What is podiatry?

Podiatry involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle conditions. There are several types of podiatry:


Biomechanics looks at how muscles, bones and joints of the feet and lower limbs move and interact. A podiatrist might look at how your weight moves from heel to your forefoot and then how your forefoot pushes forwards to lift your heel off the ground.

Musculoskeletal podiatry (MSK)

MSK podiatry deals with conditions relating to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Treatments might involve looking at your walking or running technique (also known as gait analysis) or foot orthoses.

Vascular podiatry

This is the study of circulation in the feet and lower limbs.

Wound care

Wound care deals with conditions of the foot and lower limb before they become serious and require surgery.

Podiatry for people with diabetes

There are several conditions associated with diabetes including poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy. These can affect your feet quite profoundly, so it’s important to catch any issues early on.

Podiatric dermatology

This involves treating skin and nail conditions, primarily on your feet. As well as callouses and corns, a Podiatrist can provide treatment for verrucae, fungal nail infections and even advise on how to improve the appearance of cracked heels.

What should I do if I have pain in my foot, ankle or lower leg?

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain, or pain in your lower leg, you can book an appointment with one of our Consultants by completing our online booking form or by calling our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158.

Will I need a scan on my foot, ankle or lower leg?

If your Consultant recommends that you have an MRI scan, they’ll arrange this during your initial appointment. They’ll also arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss the results of the scan, as well as your options for treatment.

Will I need physiotherapy?

Depending on the results of your scan, your Consultant may refer you to one of our expert Physiotherapists for treatment.

How much does private podiatry treatment cost?

View the physiotherapy and podiatry section of our pricing page for details of private podiatry costs.

Watch our webinar on podiatry treatment at Benenden Hospital

Do you take your feet for granted? 

Sports Medicine Podiatrist, Mr Liam Stapleton, talks about foot and lower limb conditions and how self-pay podiatry treatment at our CQC rated Outstanding private hospital can make for healthy, happy feet.

Our Consultants

Mr Stapleton

Liam Stapleton

Sports Medicine Podiatrist

Mr Stapleton's specialties include minor surgical procedures, sports injuries, MSK podiatry and Ultrasound imaging.

Mr Macfarlane

Andrew Macfarlane

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Mr Macfarlane's specialties include bunions, osteoarthritis of toe joints, joint implants, hammertoes, Morton's Neuroma, forefoot pain and more.

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