Cryotherapy treatment (wart removal for feet)

Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment which can be used to remove warts on your feet. You may be recommended to have foot warts removed by a Nurse, Podiatrist or Consultant using cryotherapy if topical treatments (a cream, lotion or chemical which you can apply yourself) haven’t worked. 

I have a question about cryotherapy treatment

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment used to remove warts on your feet. It uses liquid nitrogen, which is a very cold substance, to freeze the wart - which then dies and drops off.

Why would I have cryotherapy to remove warts on my feet?

Most warts are painless and harmless and go away on their own in time. But depending where on your foot they’re located, and the size and type of wart, they can cause itching and pain. You’ll be recommended to have cryotherapy if other treatments haven’t been successful.

What happens during cryotherapy treatment?

Your Consultant or Podiatrist may trim the wart with a small knife before using a swab to apply the liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen can also be sprayed directly onto the wart.

The treatment is quick and easy and will take about a minute. You might feel a burning sensation, like holding an ice cube against your skin, then a numb sensation.

What should I expect after cryotherapy?

After private cryotherapy, it’ll take between two and four weeks for your skin to heal. You may have some skin irritation, blistering or pain where the warts were removed from your foot. The location of the wart and the thickness of the surrounding skin will determine how long it takes for the skin to heal completely.

Your Consultant or Podiatrist will advise you how to look after your foot in the days following the wart removal.

How much does private cryotherapy cost?

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