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Supporting your health, every step of the way

As you move through the different stages of your life – from coping with periods to pregnancy to menopause and beyond - your needs might change. Taking care of your body and mind at work or in your personal life is important and our female health hub is here to provide you further information and signposting to help.

Welcome to our women’s health hub

Consultant Gynaecologist, Mr Rowan Connell, talks about the importance of health to women of all ages as well as what to expect from our female health hub.

How can we help?

Our guide to the reproductive years

I’m still having periods

During the reproductive years, you may still be experiencing periods or conditions associated with your reproductive system.

Our guide to the reproductive years
Our guide to good health during the menopause

I’m menopausal

Once your periods slow down or stop, you’re considered to be in menopause.

Our guide to the menopause
Our guide to postmenopausal health

I’m postmenopausal

Once you haven’t had a period for 12 consecutive months, you’re postmenopausal.

Our guide to postmenopausal health

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