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What is enterocele?

Enterocele is a small bowel prolapse which occurs when the small intestine (small bowel) descends into the lower pelvic cavity and pushes at the top part of the vagina, creating a bulge.

I have a question about an enterocele

What are the symptoms of an enterocele?

The most common symptoms of enterocele are:

  • A pulling sensation in your pelvis that eases when you lie down
  • A feeling of pelvic fullness, pressure or pain
  • Low back pain that eases when you lie
  • A soft bulge of tissue in your vagina
  • Trouble emptying your bladder
  • Vaginal discomfort and painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

What is the treatment for enterocele?

Treatment options can vary depending on the impact of the symptoms caused to by the prolapse.

In milder cases changes to diet, exercise and the use of pessaries can help with symptoms but if the symptoms are causing issues with quality of life, surgery may be an option. This is most likely to be done through the vagina as the problems lies with the weakness of the supporting pelvic musculature.

A Consultant can perform surgery to repair the prolapse through the vagina or abdomen, during the procedure, your Consultant moves the prolapsed small bowel back into place and tightens the connective tissue of your pelvic floor. Surgery at Benenden Hospital is only carried out vaginally.

Is enterocele repair major surgery?

Your Consultant will often suggest this surgery only after other treatments have failed to correct your problem.

How can you tell the difference between an enterocele and a rectocele?

A rectocele is a type of vaginal prolapse which occurs when the end of the large intestine (rectum) pushes against and moves the back wall of the vagina. An enterocele occurs when the small bowel presses against and moves the upper wall of the vagina. 

What is cystocele enterocele?

Weak tissues allow the organ to slip lower into the pelvic area between the vagina and rectum. The small intestine then presses against the upper wall of the vagina. An enterocele, or small bowel prolapse, may occur along with another pelvic organ prolapses, such as bladder prolapse (cystocele).

How long is the hospital stay after enterocele surgery?

After your surgery, you may need to stay in hospital for one or more days. Your Consultant or nurse will encourage you to walk soon after your surgery and you may have a device that automatically inflates and deflates, which will massage your legs.

What should I expect after an enterocele repair?

Typical recovery time after the enterocele repair procedure is up to six weeks for most people.  Your Consultant will advise you on what to expect in terms of your individual recovery and will support you with appropriate pain and advise you on when you can expect to resume normal activity including intercourse relief.

How much does an enterocele repair cost?

Find out more about pricing in the gynaecology section of our pricing page or by contacting our Private Patient team on 01580 363158.

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