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Recovery time

Your recovery time will depend on the procedure you’ve had done, and how well you follow the post-operative instructions.

If you work, please do not return to work that day. Your Consultant will advise you how long you might need off. You will be given a sick note from the ward before leaving if you are required to have time off following the surgery.

If you live alone, please arrange for someone to stay with you overnight and look after you the following day.

Depending on your procedure, we advise you not to drive, ride a bike, drink alcohol, take sleeping tablets, operate machinery or, make important decisions or sign any legal documents for 24 hours. Your Consultant or Nurse will provide you with more details during your stay.

If you have any worries once you’re at home, please don’t hesitate to call us for help and advice. Our Ward staff will ensure you have the number to call and you’ll also find it on your Patient Information Leaflet.

Benenden Hospital Pharmacy


If you need any medication from our in-house Pharmacy, you’ll be given advice on how to take it. If you’ve been prescribed new medication, we’ll provide an initial supply, but you’ll need to contact your GP for more.

If appropriate, we’ll also organise any dressing changes you might need with your practice/district nurse before you’re discharged.

Follow-up appointments

If you need a follow-up appointment, we’ll book one for you when you’re discharged. Unless your Consultant advises otherwise, you should arrange to have any stitches removed by your GP and we will give you a letter for your Practice Nurse.

We’ll keep your GP informed about your treatment and progress and our report will be added to your medical records.

Contact us about treatment at Benenden Hospital

Find out more about arranging treatment at Benenden Hospital by calling us or completing our online enquiry form.