Private insurance

Treatment through private medical insurance

You can access treatments and services at Benenden Hospital using your private medical insurance after gaining authorisation from your insurer. Benenden Hospital is approved by all major medical insurance companies.

Using your private medical insurance

If your Hospital visit is being funded by an insurance company, payment will be made direct by your insurer in line with agreements we hold with them. To ensure that your insurance company can make the payment, please take note of the following steps. Not all insurance plans cover the same things. It’s important to check exactly what you are covered for with your insurance provider.

How to use your private medical insurance

1. Get a GP Referral

To claim using your private medical insurance, you will most likely need a referral from your GP or other health professional. In some instances it is possible to self-refer such as when requesting physiotherapy – check with your insurer. Ask your GP to refer you to Benenden Hospital.

2. Contact your insurance company

Before you attend hospital for consultation or diagnostic tests, it’s essential that you get authorisation from your insurance company. Request Benenden Hospital if asked what hospital you would like to attend.

So, before your first appointment, you should contact them to check the following:

  • Is your condition covered?
  • Ensure that at each stage of your treatment you are covered by the insurer
  • Are you covered for the planned treatment at Benenden Hospital, including your first out-patient appointment?
  • Does your insurance company recognise the consultant you have chosen?
  • Is there an excess payable on your policy?
3. Book your appointment with us

Once you have your referral from your GP and have contacted your insurance company for authorisation you can call our private patients office who will give you all the information you need about the available treatments, consultant & booking details. If you are given a pre-authorisation reference please pass it on to our Private Patient office. Call them on 01580 230661.

4. The insurance details we will need

Before admission, we’ll write to you asking for the following details:

  • Your claim form, if your claim form is already with your consultant, GP or insurance company, just let us know
  • The name of your insurer
  • Your membership or policy number
  • Confirmation of eligibility such as a pre-authorisation or claim number (some insurers give a different reference to the treatment, and authorisation of a consultation does not necessarily mean that they have authorised the treatment that results)
  • Any excess applying to your policy (most insurers will ask you to pay that direct to us).

Please bring these details to your first appointment. It’s vital that we have this information before admission because insurers may refuse to make a payment they haven’t pre-authorised. In that case, you’d be liable for the entire bill.

Medical Insurance companies

Benenden Hospital is recognised by the major insurance companies listed below. If your insurance company isn’t listed, call your insurer and ask for a referral to Benenden Hospital Trust.


AXA PPP Healthcare



CS Healthcare

Exeter Friendly Society Ltd

General & Medical Healthcare

National Friendly

Saga Health Insurance

Simply Health

Vitality Health


Treatment prices

You can trust Benenden Hospital to give you outstanding personal care for a guaranteed price, based on your precise individual needs, with no hidden costs. The price will include all hospital fees, your consultant's fee and, if necessary, your anaesthetist fee.

Thinking about using your private medical insurance to access a treatment?

To find out more about arranging your treatment with Benenden Hospital please contact us at: