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Knee injuries

If you do a lot of kneeling at work, you may be suffering from knee injuries and conditions associated with your knee joints. Our articles provide information on some of the most common knee-related conditions and the treatments we offer to help relieve pain and increase your mobility.

Understanding different types of knee injuries

What you need to know about knee injuries

Knee injuries such as ACL tears due to squatting, bending and crouching can cause pain, discomfort, and limit your ability to carry out aspects of your job. We can help.

Our guide to knee injuries
Be kind to your knees and joints

Five ways to ease osteoarthritis

Heavy physical work or using power tools are common risks for developing arthritis. Discover more about this condition; how to ease pain and improve mobility.

Be kind to your joints
Prepatellar Bursitis: Causes and Treatment

Bursitis: causes and treatment

If your job requires a lot of kneeling, you could be at risk of developing prepatellar bursitis. Find out more about treatment for this common condition.

Our guide to bursitis
Do I need knee replacement surgery?

Do I need a new knee?

If your work involves lots of kneeling, the joint may become damaged or worn by arthritis and need replacing. But does a new knee affect your ability to work? Our guide can help.

Knee replacement surgery
Men's health hub

Supporting men's health

Your wellbeing as a man should be a top priority. Your health needs change at different stages of your life whether you're young, middle aged or older.

Taking care of your body and mind at work or in your personal life and knowing who to ask for help is crucial. Our male health hub is here to provide you with further information and signposting to help.

Back, neck, and abdominal conditions

Injuries that affect your back, neck, and abdomen - including hernia and spinal injuries like a slipped disc - can cause pain and affect your ability to perform even the most basic manual tasks at work. We offer a range of treatments and advice that can help you get moving again.

Treatment for neck pain at Benenden Hospital

Is your job becoming a pain in the neck?

Repeated twisting or looking up are just some of the ways you can damage your neck at work. Read our tips to preventing neck pain and injuries.

How to relieve neck pain
A guide to back pain treatments

A guide to back pain treatments

If your job involves standing for long periods, repetitive heavy lifting or stretching, vibration from industrial machines or power tools, you may be at risk of developing back pain.

Help for back pain
How to prevent a herniated disc

How to prevent and treat a slipped disc

Repetitive bending or twisting in your job can lead to a slipped - or herniated - disc. Find out more about the symptoms of this condition and how it can be treated.

What causes a herniated disc?
How to prevent a hernia and stay active

How to reduce the risk of hernia and stay active

Hernias can result from heavy lifting or physical activity. Our guide below offers some hints and tips to help you avoid developing a hernia and what to do if one forms.

How to avoid a hernia

Shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist injuries

Is pain or stiffness in your shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand from lifting and carrying affecting your ability to work? See how our team of experienced Consultants and Physiotherapists can help you manage pain and improve mobility.

Tennis and golfer's elbow explained

What is tennis and golfer's elbow?

From painting and decorating to carpentry, plumbing and construction, tennis and golfer's elbow can stop you from carrying out your tasks at work. Our treatment for these conditions can help.

Tennis and golfer's elbow explained
Treatment for shoulder pain and injuries

Shoulder pain and injuries

Repetitive movement of the shoulder in your job is just one of the ways in which you can damage the joint. Read our tips to preventing shoulder pain and injuries.

Advice for dealing with shoulder pain
Hand and wrist tendonitis prevention and treatment at Benenden Hospital

Support for hand and wrist tendonitis

If you’re suffering from pain, stiffness and reduced mobility in your hand and wrist because of tendonitis, it may be affecting your ability to work. Read our guide to preventing and treating this common condition.

Exercises for tendonitis

Foot, ankle and lower leg conditions

Foot, ankle, and lower limb injuries make can make everyday tasks at work difficult and uncomfortable. If you spend a lot of time walking or standing, our guides can help you understand how to avoid common conditions and the procedures available at our hospital if you do need treatment.

Treatment for foot conditions

Treatments for painful feet

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? If you suffer with tired, aching or painful feet we offer treatment for a range of conditions, including Morton's Neuroma.

Help for tired feet
Treatment for ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenail pain

If your job puts you at risk of an injury to your toenail, you’re more likely to developing ingrown toenails. Discover how we can help.

Treating ingrown toenail pain
Why are varicose veins worse in the heat?

Varicose veins and the heat

If you stand for long periods in hot weather, you could develop varicose veins, even if you're otherwise healthy. Read our guide to prevention and treatment.

Preventing varicose veins

Ear nose and throat conditions

If you work in a loud or dusty environment, you could develop a condition related to your ears, nose or throat. Our guides offer tips on the treatments we have available.

Managing tinnitus at work

Managing tinnitus

Exposure to loud sounds from industrial environments and machinery at work can be a common cause of tinnitus. Find out how to avoid and manage tinnitus.

Managing tinnitus
How to prevent hearing loss

How to prevent hearing loss

Noise at work can be unavoidable. But there are things you and your employer can do to reduce your exposure to loud noises. Read our guide to find out more.

Five ways to prevent hearing loss
Allergy causes, symptoms and facts

Allergies: causes, symptoms and facts

If you have an allergy to a substance you regularly encounter at work, such as wood or cement dust, you might experience the symptoms of rhinitis.

Treatment for allergies

Skin conditions

Working outdoors in extremes of temperature, in a dusty environment or with harsh chemicals can affect your skin. Our dermatology treatments can help.

A painter using paint cleaner

Contact dermatitis: symptoms and treatment

Contact dermatitis is a type of eczema triggered by contact with a particular substance or material.

Help for contact dermatitis
Managing eczema in the workplace

Managing eczema in the workplace

If your job involves working in a harsh environment or handling chemicals, eczema can make day to day tasks difficult.

Managing eczema at work
Looking after yourself in the sun

Looking after yourself in the sun

If you'll be spending time working outdoors this summer, our short guide can help with tips on staying safe in the sun.

Be safe in the sun this Summer

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