Backcare awareness week – Be kind to your back

This week (7 – 11 October) is Backcare awareness week.  If you suffer with back pain, you will know how debilitating it can be and the  impact it can have on all areas of your daily life – stopping you from exercising, sleeping and doing day to day activities which, in turn, can affect your mental health.

Back pain – especially lower back pain or backache – is very common. In most cases, the pain will improve within a few weeks but, for people with chronic back pain, it can continue for months, or even years.

There can be many factors including poor posture, such as slouching at a desk or standing for a long time, overstretching when you bend, through to trauma, such as an accident, sports injury or fall.

At Benenden Hospital, our back-pain specialists understand how debilitating back pain can be. Our private back pain treatments, carried out by our experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists, can help improve your mobility and get you back to doing the things you love.


Our back pain and backache treatments

Radiofrequency denervation (facet denervation)

Radiofrequency denervation, also known as facet denervation, is a specialised form of treatment which causes heat damage to the two nerves that supply the facet joints, small pairs of joints which link your vertebrae together.

These nerves transmit pain sensations from the joints but have very little other function. By damaging them, the nerves stop sending pain signals to your brain.

Radiofrequency denervation is also known as facet rhizolysis, radiofrequency ablation or radiofrequency neurotomy.

Injections for back pain

If your back is painful, due to wear and tear or injury, injections for back pain can treat the exact point of the pain. The procedure may provide more effective pain relief than taking medication.

We offer back pain injections of steroids or anaesthetic directly into the joints or nerves, alongside physiotherapy if necessary, which can be successful in relieving your symptoms.


If you're recovering from injury or illness and need private physiotherapy treatment, our experienced and compassionate team of physios can help with your recovery, supporting you in maintaining your independence.

Physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes or those recovering from sports injuries. In fact, it can be used to treat other common conditions, including:

  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Joint pain in your back or neck
  • Other overuse injuries
  • Rheumatic problems
  • Post-operative rehabilitation including hip and knee replacements

How can I access treatments as a self-pay patient?

Find out more about facet denervation, or our other treatments for back pain offered to self-pay patients at our hospital.

Today, many people self-pay for their treatment to help them get back on track to better health and wellbeing as quickly as possible. It removes the need to wait in an NHS queue for treatment.

If you’re thinking of funding your own treatment, ask us for a quotation by completing our online form or by calling our Private Patient Team on 01580 363 514

Published on 08 October 2021