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About your test or scan

If you need a scan or a test such as a blood test or a urine test, you may be able to arrange this on the same day as seeing the Consultant. If you need to come back to the hospital, our Outpatient Reception team will advise you how to book. If you need a follow-up appointment to discuss your results, it’s easiest to book at the reception on your way out.

During your appointment to discuss your results, your Consultant will outline any further tests or treatments you might need, which may include surgery.

I have a question about my test or scan

What happens during my private diagnostic imaging appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll meet a Radiographer – an expert in diagnostic imaging. Your Radiographer will be with you throughout the process, from answering your questions beforehand to performing the scan.

Your scan can last between 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the type of scan that you need, and which parts of your body need scanning.

How long will my results take?

We understand that waiting for the results of tests can be worrying. Our modern technology produces high quality diagnostic images which can be accessed throughout the hospital within seconds of your examination. Our highly experienced Radiologists then report the examination and will send the report back to the referring Clinician - whether that's one of our Consultants or your own GP.

Are my scan results stored safely?

We use a secure system to send and store clinical images so you can rest assured that your images are stored safely and permanently.

What happens after my scan?

If your test or scan shows that you need treatment, we’ll talk to you about next steps. We offer access to over 250 self-pay treatments and services, delivered by our expert Consultants.