Wedge Excision

If it’s not treated, an ingrowing toenail may become infected. To prevent this you should; wash your feet regularly to keep the area clean, change socks frequently, wear properly fitting shoes, and cut your nails correctly.

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Common questions

What is wedge excision?

A wedge excision is a surgery to remove part of the toenail. Sometimes the surgery also includes treatment of some of the nail root, by cutting out (excision) or by applying a chemical called phenol to prevent regrowth of the nail.

Why would I have a wedge excision?

You may be suffering from an ingrowing toenail. This ranges in severity from a moderately curved nail which presses into the fold of flesh at the side of the toe, to a nail which has grown forward and pierced the flesh, causing scar tissue to build up. In this case, infection often occurs.

What should I expect after a wedge excision?

The wedge excision procedure results in a slightly thinner nail, and some patients will experience further problems with infection and regrowth of the nail.

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