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What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is typically used to understand how a patient stands, walks, and runs. Having a running gait analysis or walking gait analysis can help indicate the source and cause of aches and pains in your knees, hips, and lower legs.

I have a question about gait analysis

Why would I have a gait analysis?

If back, hip, knee, hip, ankle, foot or lower leg pain is stopping you from enjoying everyday activities or exercise, it may be due to or worsened by your posture and movement, especially in your feet.

Your feet, ankles, and lower legs support the rest of your body. When small changes occur in the way you stand, walk or run, it can cause stress on joints higher up the body.

A gait analysis can identify the cause of aches and pains, how to prevent pain worsening and the best route of treatment.

How are my symptoms diagnosed?

Using a scanning system and slow-motion video recording software, your Podiatrist will gather information such as your walking pattern, balance, pressure distribution, and movement.

This will usually show the source of your symptoms and your Podiatrist will be able to advise on treatment.

What are the benefits of private gait analysis?

While gait analysis may not directly treat your symptoms, it is the first step in your treatment journey.

Going for a gait analysis can uncover the root of your leg pain, providing you with treatment options such as physiotherapy, orthosis and regular exercises.

Putting off having your symptoms investigated can lead to further issues, having a gait analysis can prevent major treatment being needed in the future.

What happens during a gait analysis?

During your gait analysis, you’ll have time to discuss your symptoms with the Podiatrist, including your medical history and any concerns you have. You may also be advised on other diagnostic tests and scans that are appropriate.

Your Podiatrist can then assess the pressure distribution through your feet and ankles when you are standing, walking or running. This is done using a slow-motion video recording software.

A gait scan will be able to visually show your Podiatrist the distribution of force and pressure within your foot, indicating any issues and abnormalities.

Once the source of pain has been identified, your Podiatrist may recommend treatment such as orthosis.

What should I expect after a gait analysis?

Your Podiatrist will discuss the best course of treatment, such as regular exercises, gait analysis physiotherapy or orthoses.

How much does a private gait analysis cost?

Gait analysis and orthotic fitting packages available upon request

To find out more about private gait analysis costs, or clinical gait analysis, complete our online form or call our Private Patient Team on 01580 363 529.

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