About partial knee replacement surgery

As we get older, we might suffer from osteoarthritis or injury to a knee joint. This can affect our quality of life, causing pain and discomfort, and might mean we may need a partial knee replacement. If knee pain is affecting your sleep, work or exercise, a partial knee replacement can help you lead a more normal life, free from pain.

How much does a partial knee replacement cost?

Our guide price is from £9,800.

I have a question about unicompartmental knee replacement

What is a unicompartmental knee replacement?

A unicompartmental knee replacement is a partial knee replacement. It’s an option if osteoarthritis of the knee has only affected part (the inside/medial or outside/lateral) ‘compartment’ of your knee.

The revision rates are higher in partial knee replacement surgery compared to a total knee replacement.

What happens during a partial knee replacement?

On the day of your operation your Consultant and Anaesthetist will answer any questions you may have.

During a partial knee replacement procedure, the damaged compartment will be replaced with a prosthesis leaving behind the healthy bone and cartilage. In most cases it means you’ll recover more quickly and experience less pain following surgery.

What should I expect after partial knee replacement surgery?

After your operation, we’ll move you to our recovery room for observation until you’re ready to return to the ward where you’ll be looked after by our experienced nursing team.

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Mr Goddard and Mr Shrivastava

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