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Your treatment, your choice

The NHS Choice Framework allows you to choose where you receive medical care. This means you can book an initial consultation via your GP for selected treatments at Benenden Hospital and the cost will be covered by the NHS. This includes:

*Please note: we’re unable to offer shoulder replacement surgery

How do I get a referral for NHS treatment at Benenden Hospital?

  1. If your GP believes that you need a diagnostic test or scan, or medical treatment, you can ask whether it’s available at Benenden Hospital.
  1. If our hospital is on the list for your particular procedure, you should ask your GP to refer you via the NHS’ e-Referral system, Musculoskeletal Triage for orthopaedic procedures or the (IS) RAS if you’re a patient in West Kent.
  1. Your GP surgery may be able to book an initial appointment there and then. If not, you’ll receive a letter from your GP with a booking code (UBRN) and a password with information on how to book a date that’s convenient for you.

I have a question about my treatment

Will I get treated more quickly at Benenden Hospital?

The NHS’ goal is that you’ll be treated within 18 weeks from your initial referral. The NHS is under a significant level of pressure to clear a backlog of patients that have accumulated after the pandemic. We’ve been assisting with these patients, which means that waiting times can vary between services and could exceed this 18-week target.

If you’d prefer not to wait for NHS treatment, you can still fund your own treatment or use your private medical insurance.

Do I have to pay for my treatment?

When you use the NHS’ e-referral service, the cost of your treatment with us is covered by the NHS. You'll only pay for extra personal items, as you would in an NHS hospital.

What happens after treatment?

If your treatment is carried out at our hospital, we’ll ensure that you understand what’s involved and what to expect from recovery. You can find out more in our Patient Guide.

What happens at my initial consultation?

Your Consultant will assess your condition and let you know what the next step will be. They may request diagnostic tests be carried out to decide on the best course of action. These may or may not be carried out at our hospital, but we will let you know.

If a treatment is required and can be carried out at our hospital, you’ll be listed for surgery and pre-assessment. If the procedure can’t be performed at Benenden Hospital, or your condition is chronic (long-term), you’ll be referred you back to your NHS GP for ongoing management.

You can find out more about what happens during and after your first outpatient appointment in our Patient Guide.

How much will Benenden Hospital charge the NHS?

Benenden Hospital can only charge at the standard tariff set by the NHS, which is consistent with the level of funding received by NHS hospitals and providers.

Benenden Hospital

When you come to Benenden Hospital, you can expect:

  • Treatment in a tranquil countryside setting at a CQC rated Outstanding hospital
  • Continuous care from our leading and highly respected Consultants
  • Compassionate and experienced clinical teams
  • Ensuite individual rooms (with free WiFi) for overnight stays
  • Free parking on-site for you and your visitors
  • 0% rate of MRSA

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