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What is brow lift surgery?

Browpexy surgery is an operation to correct mild to moderate drooping of the eyebrows and reduce sagging of the upper eyelid to achieve a natural youthful appearance.

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Why would I have brow lift surgery?

If your confidence has been affected by drooping eyebrows, you may decide to have a browpexy. This procedure can also correct sagging skin on your upper eyelid and is often combined with eye lid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

What does a brow lift treat?

A brow lift can address several cosmetic concerns:

Forehead wrinkles

Over time wrinkles can appear, caused by muscle activity or other factors. A brow lift surgery can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

‘Drooping’ eyebrows

The eyebrows can begin to 'droop', causing a loss of contour in the natural brow arch.

The appearance of excess skin

A brow lift can help reduce excess skin of the upper eyelids caused by the descent of the brows but may sometimes need to be combined with blepharoplasty.

What is the difference between a brow lift and blepharoplasty?

If you want to reduce the appearance of sagging eyelids, a blepharoplasty is the recommended procedure. However, if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of low or sagging eyebrows, a browlift or browpexy would be the best choice.

It’s important to speak to your Consultant Surgeon before deciding on a procedure as they’ll be able to advise what can realistically be achieved. You may also opt for a combination of procedures

Who is likely to want a brow lift?

If you’ve already tried treatment such as Botox® for your drooping eyebrows, and this has only improved things temporarily, a browpexy may be ideal for you.

How is a brow lift done?

A browpexy is a day case procedure which is often carried out under local anaesthetic. Your Consultant  will make an incision into the natural skin crease of the upper eyelid.

Depending on the amount of work you require, if you need any other forms of facial surgery and depending on your skin’s condition, there are two options available: an internal or external browpexy.

How painful is a brow lift?

A browpexy is usually quite painless, but you might feel some discomfort as well as some temporary tightness around the forehead.

What should I expect after a brow lift procedure?

Post-procedure, you might experience some mild discomfort or pain for around three to five days.

The most common and likely side effect is bruising, which will normally take around two weeks to heal. Very rarely, bleeding can occur.

How long is brow lift recovery?

You will be able to return to work after one week of rest but should avoid participating in any rigorous exercise for at least six weeks.

How long does a brow lift last for?

The permanency of a browpexy can vary from person to person due to a few factors: how much you’ve aged, the type of skin you have, if you’ve had any additional oculoplastic procedures, your lifestyle and your general health.

On average, the positive results of a browpexy should last for at least five years.

What are the risks of a browpexy?

Severe complications are rare. Patients may experience bruising, scarring, swelling, numbness and general discomfort post-operatively, as with any cosmetic surgery.

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