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Are you a GP, member of practice staff, a consultant or an optometrist?

Whether you want to refer your patients to us for a range of healthcare services or keep up-to-date with the latest treatments and news from Benenden Hospital, our toolkit can help you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Referring my patients for treatment at Benenden Hospital

Referring your patients to us for treatment at Benenden Hospital couldn’t be easier. Whether they’re paying for their own treatment, using their Private Medical Insurance (PMI), are a Benenden Health member or an NHS patient, we’ll ensure an efficient referral for you and the best healthcare for your patient.

How do I refer patients for treatment?

Private patients (self-pay and PMI)

Contact our Private Patient team by:

Benenden Health members

A GP referral letter is required for all Members wishing to access treatment using their Benenden Health membership. Please include an indication of the NHS wait times in the letter. A separate NHS referral is not required.

For Ophthalmic services, including cataract surgery, an Optician's report is required in addition to the GP referral letter.

Please note: It is the Member's responsibility to forward the GP referral letter to Member Services. They must also speak to Member Services on 0800 414 8100 to obtain authorisation of treatment and confirmation of how to forward the referral letter to them. Benenden Health is unable to accept an emailed referral from a NHS GP practice.

GP practices wishing to support patients by sending the referral letter to Member Services on their behalf can post it to: Benenden Health, Holgate Park Drive, York YO26 4GG.

NHS patients

  • Please use your local NHS triage arrangements and mention that your patient has requested Benenden as their preferred hospital.

I have a question about referring my patients

Does my patient have to be a Benenden Health member to have treatment at Benenden Hospital?

No - we’re open to everyone.

My patient has private medical insurance. Do they need authorisation?

Yes – they’ll need to gain an authorisation code from their insurance provider. However they can be booked in, providing the code is available at the time of their first appointment

Is there a minimum age for patients at Benenden Hospital?

We don’t offer treatment (including diagnostic imaging) to anyone under the age of 18. Benenden Health members will be advised by Member Services on local hospitals offering paediatric services.

I want to refer a Benenden Health member for treatment. Do I need to create a separate NHS pathway?

A separate NHS pathway is not necessary. However, a GP referral letter is required, which should include an indication of the NHS wait times. It is the member’s responsibility to forward your letter to Member Services.

How do I refer Benenden Health members for diagnostic imaging?

Member Services will send the referral form to your patient, who should pass it to you for completion. This is the only form which will be accepted by Member Services.

Who should my patient speak to if they wish to access treatment using their Benenden Health Membership?

They should call Member Services on 0800 414 8100 as soon as possible after their appointment with you to avoid a delay in treatment.

Once they’ve been referred, how can my patient contact Benenden Hospital with an appointment query?
  • Private self-pay or PMI patients - Private Patient team on 01580 242521
  • Benenden Health members – Patient Appointments on 01580 240333
  • NHS Patients – Patient Appointments on 01580 240333 (only if their treatment has been authorised by your local NHS triage team)
What happens if my patient’s treatment isn’t covered by their Benenden Health membership?

They may be able to have the treatment at Benenden Hospital as a private patient. Benenden members benefit from discounts on our private self-pay prices. Call our Private Patient team on 01580 242521 for details.

Will my NHS patient be charged for being treated at Benenden Hospital?

No, but it’s important that you follow your local NHS triage referral procedures.