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Benenden Health members are entitled to 10% off total knee replacement surgery.

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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mr Alex Chipperfield and Mr Mark Jones will take you through the causes, symptoms and treatment for hip and knee arthritis, including joint replacement surgery.

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What is the ROSA Knee system?

Meet ROSA, a robotic surgical assistant, developed by Zimmer Biomet. The ROSA Knee System’s precision robotic arm helps increase the success of your knee replacement surgery (compared to a traditional knee replacement) by assisting your Surgeon in the placement of your new implant.

How much does the ROSA Knee cost?

View our self-pay treatment prices and discounts for Benenden Health members below.

Take advantage of payment plans through our trusted partner, Chrysalis, and spread the cost of your treatment. Fit your repayments into your monthly budget rather than having to find the full cost at the time of your treatment.

Procedure type
Initial consultation price
Treatment price*
Monthly cost**
Member discount
Robot-assisted (ROSA) Knee
From £14,700
From £355.44
Robot-assisted (ROSA) Knee
Initial consultation price

Treatment price*
From £14,700

Monthly cost**
From £355.44

Member discount

I have a question about the ROSA Knee system

What are the benefits of the ROSA System for knee replacement?

A ROSA-supported knee replacement offers several benefits over a standard, non-robotic assisted total knee replacement. This includes:

  • Reduced likelihood of injury to the soft tissue surrounding your knee joint during surgery
  • Robotic surgery can be associated with reduced pain, so you may not need as much pain medication after your operation
  • Potentially a shorter stay in hospital and a quicker recovery, so you can get back to your daily activities
  • Better knee function after your surgery

How does the ROSA Knee System work?

Each individual knee is different; the ROSA Knee system uses hundreds of data points, which are collected before and during your surgery, to inform your Surgeon of specific details related to your unique anatomy.

This includes a camera and sensors, which are attached to your leg during surgery, to provide live information to your surgeon about the position of your knee. If your knee moves, ROSA can make automated minute adjustments to ensure that the plan designed by your surgeon is followed to exact detail.

Using this data to make more informed decisions, your Surgeon can plan for and carry out your surgery based on your individual needs.

Does the ROSA Knee robotic arm perform the surgery?

It's important to note that the ROSA cannot move on its own. It’s guided by the surgeon who will still carry out the entire procedure; the ROSA’s job is to assist them in placing your new knee joint.

Can any Orthopaedic Surgeon use the ROSA Knee System?

Only specially trained Orthopaedic Surgeons can use the robot.

Is the ROSA Knee System right for my total knee replacement?

Every individual’s situation is different and it’s important to find out which type of surgery is best for you. Your Surgeon will need to discuss whether this is the right option for you at an initial consultation.

Please contact our Private Patient team on 01580 363158 to book your appointment.

Can I get a knee replacement using the ROSA Knee System on my private medical insurance?

Please check with your insurance provider whether they would cover ‘Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery’. If you gain an authorisation request, you can come to Benenden Hospital for treatment.

Discover more about the ROSA Knee System

Watch Zimmer Biomet's short video which explains how the ROSA Knee System works.

mymobility® is a patient care management platform that works with the ROSA Knee System to provide personalised communication through your mobile or web application.

Stay connected to your care team at Benenden Hospital with mymobility®

mymobility® is a patient care management platform that works with the ROSA Knee System to provide personalised communication through your mobile or web application.  It collects measurements via your smartwatch (if you have one) to help you successfully prepare for and recover from surgery.

What are the benefits of mymobility®?

  • Keeps you connected to your care team, with personalised support through your orthopaedic journey so you’ll receive helpful reminders, progress reports and advice that’s unique to you
  • Improves your surgical experience, so you can learn how to optimise your recovery and minimise complications
  • Reduces your anxiety before surgery by up to 63% compared to other prior medical and surgical experiences.*

*Zimmer Biomet Data on File. mymobility® Clinical Study Preliminary. Data - mymobility® patients completing survey through 4th August 2020. 774 patients surveyed. Questions answered between 14 and 44 days post op. Study ongoing.

Enrol with mymobility® in three simple steps

  1. Your care team will enrol you in mymobility® and you will receive an SMS with a link to download the application
  2. When opening the application for the first time, you will need to click on ‘activate account’. Enter your country and phone number to receive the activation code by SMS
  3. Once you have activated your account, you are ready to start using mymobility®. Login to the app by using the username and access code you created during activation

Our ROSA Orthopaedic Consultants

Mr Chipperfield

Alex Chipperfield

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Chipperfield's specialties include hip and knee replacement, revision hip and knee replacement, and more.

Mr Goddard

Richard Goddard

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Goddard's specialties include total knee replacement and Signature total knee replacement.

Mr Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Mark Jones is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in knee replacement and knee surgeries.

Mr Oliver

Matthew Oliver

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Oliver's specialties include patient specific knee replacement, enhanced recovery protocols and Dupuytrens disease.

Mr Thakur

Raman Thakur

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Thakur's specialties include hip and knee replacement, ACL reconstruction and general orthopaedics.

Contact us about ROSA-supported private knee replacement

It's easy to book online or by giving us a call.


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