Impingement of the ankle

​Ankle impingement is a painful condition that prevents full movement of the ankle; it occurs when the soft tissues around the ankle become pinched.

Common questions

What is treatment for impingement of the ankle?

Ankle impingement (anterior ankle impingement or posterior ankle impingement) is usually successfully treated with rest or a steroid injection. More severe or recurring cases may sometimes require surgery.

Why would I have treatment for impingement of the ankle?

For ankle impingement, resting the joint is usually recommended initially. If this fails to alleviate the condition, a steroid (corticosteroid or cortisone) injection may be required. If other, less-invasive treatments have been tried and failed, surgery may be required. The exact type of surgery you have will depend on the cause, location and severity of the ankle impingement.

What happens during treatment for impingement of the ankle?

Surgery involves removing the bone or soft tissue that’s causing the ankle impingement; this can usually be carried out arthroscopically (keyhole technique) or, if the bone spurs are large, by open surgery on the ankle joint.

The operation may be carried out under a general anaesthetic (so you’ll be asleep) or a local anaesthetic (so you’ll stay awake but won’t feel anything). The operation usually takes around an hour and you’ll usually go home on the same day.

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