Rafaelo® for internal haemorrhoids

The Rafaelo® procedure is a minimally invasive procedure for internal haemorrhoids. Most patients report minimal post-operative pain, meaning recovery time is short and they can quickly get back to their lives.

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I have a question about the Rafaelo® procedure

What happens during the procedure?

The Rafaelo® procedure typically take around 20 minutes to perform. You'll be given a local anaesthetic or mild sedative (although some patients choose to be treated under general anaesthetic).

During the operation, a special needle probe is inserted into the haemorrhoidal cushion. Radio frequency energy is passed through the needle into the tissue, which heats it, reducing the blood supply and shrinking the haemorrhoid.

What should I expect after surgery?

After the treatment, you will need a few days to fully recover, depending on the severity of your haemorrhoids. You will be sent home with painkillers and may be able to continue with your normal routine within a day or two. You will have a follow-up appointments a few weeks after the operation.

Are there any risks from the operation?

Patients may experience discomfort, mild bleeding and some anal discharge after the operation. In rare cases, complications such as anal fissures or more significant bleeding may occur. We will always discuss any risks with you before carrying out the procedure.

Rafaelo® procedure for internal piles

Rafaelo®: minimally-invasive treatment for piles

If you find yourself saying “I’d prefer to stand” more often than you’d like, it might be time to take a stand against piles.

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