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I have a question about cardiology services

Why would I be referred to a cardiology clinic?

If you’ve been referred or advised to access cardiology services or need to speak with a Cardiologist due to a cardiac condition or symptom, then it’s important you do so.

If you’re experiencing new cardiac symptoms or changes to existing symptoms, please contact your emergency GP or accident and emergency department as soon as possible.

What happens during a cardiology consultation?

Your first appointment will usually last up to an hour. You’ll be asked general health questions and asked about your health history, family history and your lifestyle, as well as your current symptoms and whether you take any medication. The Consultant at the cardiology clinic will check your heart and blood pressure.

What happens after a cardiology consultation or diagnostic test?

After your appointment or diagnostic test your results will be sent for analysis. You’ll receive a copy of the results, along with details of any follow-up appointment to discuss them or to arrange additional tests, if required.

If your results show that no further action is needed, you won’t need to come back to the hospital or your local GP, unless you have new symptoms.

We don’t offer cardiac surgery at Benenden Hospital but can offer advice and a treatment plan, if required.

How much does private cardiology cost?

Call our Private Patient team on 01580 363158 or complete our online quotation form for details of private cardiology pricing.

How do I arrange a cardiology test at Benenden Hospital?

If you need to access a private cardiology service appointment with one of our Consultants, please complete our online booking form or call our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158.

Our Consultant Cardiologists

Dr Grosser

Konrad Grosser

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Grosser's interests include general cardiology, interventional cardiology and coronary CT scanning.

Mr Mirza

Intisar Mirza

Consultant Cardiologist

Mr Intisar Mirza investigates breathlessness, chest pain, palpitations and lightheadedness.

Dr Mishra

Bet Mishra

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Mishra's specialties include coronary artery disease, coronary angioplasty and echocardiography.

Dr Rajiv Rampat, Consultant Cardiologist at Benenden Hospital

Rajiv Rampat

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Rampat's specialties include general and interventional cardiology.

Contact us about cardiology treatments or tests

It's easy to find out more about treatment by giving us a call or completing our enquiry form.

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