How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

You can access breast reduction surgery at Benenden Hospital as a self-paying patient.

Our guide price is from £7,000.

I have a question about breast reduction surgery

What is the breast reduction surgery procedure?

The breast reduction operation, also known as a mammoplasty, makes the breasts smaller, more lifted, and less heavy by removing excess tissue and skin. The remaining tissue is then reshaped to resize your breasts. We guide you through the process, with our specialist team available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

My breasts are too big; will surgery help reduce backache from my breasts?

If you struggle with a large breast, breast reduction surgery can ease back, shoulder and neck pain, improving your self-confidence and freedom to move. While there’s not a 100% guarantee, most people do see a major improvement in their symptoms after surgery.


What can I expect after breast reduction surgery?

The mammoplasty reduction procedure takes around two and a half hours and you’ll need to stay in hospital overnight. After a day or two you should be allowed home. We will give you painkillers to take home as your breasts may be sore and swollen following surgery.

It's important you take your time to recover. It may be weeks before you can stretch, or do strenuous exercise, while the final shape of your breasts may take months to settle.

How long will it take me to recover from breast reduction surgery?

You’ll need a minimum of two weeks off work with no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for six weeks.

When can I start driving again after my breast reduction surgery?

It usually takes between two and four weeks before you can safely do an emergency stop but you may have to check with your insurance company.

Will I need to wear any special support clothing after breast reduction surgery?

You’ll need to wear a special bra night and day for six weeks after your breast reduction operation.

Is there a minimum weight over which I can have breast reduction surgery?

The smaller you are, the better result you should get from the surgery. Ideally, your BMI should be above 19 but less than 35.

At what age can I have breast reduction surgery?

You can have breast reduction surgery if you’re between 18-80, as long as you’re medically fit.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Every operation carries some risk. Here are some that could occur during breast reduction surgery for women:

  • Delayed wound healing and need for dressing changes.
  • Possible wound infection
  • Development of a post-operative collection of blood in the wound (haematoma)
  • As the nipples are being repositioned and the breast is being tightened, there is a small risk that the nipple can undergo necrosis (die), but fortunately this is rare.
  • Changes in nipple sensation are very common
  • Asymmetry of the breast
  • All operations carry a risk of blood clots occurring the legs (DVTs) that can migrate to the lungs (PEs)
  • Need for revision surgery

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