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From a blurry eye to 20/20 vision

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Before cataract surgery, Mrs A's everyday life was badly affected. She couldn’t see through one eye, and wasn’t able to drive. She tells of the life-changing cataract surgery she underwent at our hospital.

“You really don’t realise how important your eyesight is until it is gone. I woke up one morning to find that one of my eyes was completely blurry. I booked an emergency appointment through the NHS where they explained I had a cataract at the back of my eye near the retina. Whilst waiting for a second appointment my eye was getting progressively worse.

Then, Mrs A discovered that she could book in an appointment straight away at Benenden Hospital too see Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Wallace Poon.

“From the moment I arrived, felt comfortable. The reception staff showed me where to go to get to the specialist Eye Unit. The nursing team in the eye unit were caring, happy and explained everything. I watched videos about the procedure and as a result I was well informed and knew what to expect before the operation and afterwards. I was feeling very nervous before the procedure, but everyone was reassuring, and the eye drops were amazing, so I didn’t feel a thing.

“The outcome of getting my cataract removed was absolutely marvellous! The relief I felt was unbelievable, I could see again. Since having it done, I have 20-20 vision in that eye. Now, I can see, drive and carry out daily tasks. My life is finally back to normal.

“I’m looking forward to having cataract surgery in my other eye. At Benenden Hospital, nothing needs improvement and I would recommend this outstanding hospital anyone.”

Private cataract surgery in our award-winning Eye Unit

Our highly respected Ophthalmic Consultants can quickly assess and diagnose cataracts at our safe and comfortable award-winning Eye Unit. We’re proud to be the number one provider of private cataract surgery in England*.

Book your initial cataract surgery consultation online or find out more about our private eye treatments by completing our online enquiry form, contacting us via Livechat or by calling our Private Patient team on 01580 363158.

*Private Healthcare Information Network 2023

Our special lens service

In addition to our standard monofocal lens replacement, we offer three different types of special lenses following cataract removal surgery: monofocal toric lens, multifocal lens and multifocal toric lens.

Are you looking to have private cataract surgery and want to know more about our range of advanced lenses? Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Damian Lake and Eye Unit Sister, Jane Styche explain the three types of special lenses in our guide to special lenses.

Published on 12 June 2024