Hyfrecation of skin lesions

Hyfrecation or electrosurgery is often combined with excision to treat large warts that haven’t responded to topical dermatology treatments.

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Why would I have hyfrecation of skin lesions?

You might have hyfrecation or electrosurgery if you have a wart that is unable to be removed completely.

What happens during hyfrecation of skin lesions?

Hyfrecation or electrosurgery is carried out after removing the bulk of the wart by excision, the remaining part of the wart is burned away using an electric current. This can be quite painful, particularly if there are a number of warts, so we may need to give you an anaesthetic.

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Dr Ayerst

Kurt Ayerst


Dr Ayerst's specialties include skin cancer management, complex medical dermatology, male genital dermatology and dermascopy (mole scanning).

Dr Silvia Aguilar-Duran

Silvia Aguilar-Duran

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Dr Silvia Aguilar-Duran is a Consultant dermatologist who specialises in reviewing moles and general skin conditions.

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