Brexit statement

Benenden Hospital has a dedicated group of senior staff responsible for identifying and mitigating any expected risks arising from the completion of the transition period. The group would like to reassure our patients that plans are in place to minimise any expected or likely disruption to services.

Take a look inside Benenden Hospital

We’ve put measures in place to keep you safe during your time at our spacious CQC Outstanding hospital.

Benenden Hospital outpatients

A warm welcome

As an outpatient, you’ll be welcomed to our spacious and well-equipped consulting rooms managed by our friendly nursing team.

Our outpatients department

Time to get back on your feet

As an inpatient, you’ll enjoy the peace and tranquility of your own room with en-suite facilities. You’ll be looked after by our exceptional staff; compassionate professionals who really care.

One of our spacious rooms

All the space you’ll need to recover

The hospital sits in the heart of the Wealden countryside, within an area of outstanding natural beauty; the perfect location to relax and recuperate from your treatment.

The Kent countryside around the hospital

Frequently asked questions

We’ve received many questions about our arrangements for patients during the current pandemic and whether we'll be offering the COVID-19 vaccine. Below are answers to some of those questions.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do and, while we understand there is lot of uncertainty at this moment, we’ll continue to follow official guidance to ensure the safety of patients and staff. We’re continually reviewing the situation and will ensure this page is kept up to date with any updates to these arrangements or new guidance.

If you have a question which isn't covered here, please get in touch using our enquiry form.

I have a question about my treatment

Will my consultation or surgery still be going ahead?

You’ll be contacted by a member of our team if your procedure needs to be cancelled. Otherwise your consultation or your surgery will still go ahead as outlined in your confirmation letter.

What do I need to do to prepare for treatment?

We’re following NICE guidance on pre-operative care for all our patients. This means you’ll need to have a COVID swab 72 hours before your procedure and then self isolate with your family until your treatment date.

Can I have visitors on the hospital ward?

For inpatients, we’re restricting visitors to situations of exceptional circumstances only.

I've already attended for my initial consultation and had some tests completed. Will I need to re-do these before I can have treatment/surgery?

Any previous tests that have been conducted may need to be re-booked, however, this will be clinically assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How safe is it to come to Benenden Hospital?

We’ve always prioritised hygiene and the control of infection. This has made us one of the safest, infection-free hospitals in the UK. We’re proud of this record and you can rest assured we will always have the strictest hygiene and infection control measures in place to protect our patients, staff and visitors.

We’re continuing to follow Government guidelines and the latest coronavirus advice. If you’re over 70, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant, we’ll complete a full risk assessment to ensure that it’s safe to continue with your planned appointment.

When I come to the hospital will I be provided with a face covering and gloves?

If you’re entering the hospital, you’ll need to wear your own face mask or face covering. There's no need for you to wear gloves when attending your appointment, as we have hand hygiene stations throughout the hospital for you to use.

Do hospital staff wear PPE?

All staff will be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment for the situation as per the Government guidance.

What measures do you have in place to ensure social distancing?

We ask all patients to respect the social distancing rules we have in place. Our award-winning Atrium and spacious reception have been specifically reconfigured to allow for social distancing.

What if I arrive early for my appointment?

If you arrive early, please wait in your car until ten minutes before your appointment time. Toilets are available in the car park.

On entering the hospital please use the hand sanitising gels provided and use our restrooms to wash your hands as soon as possible.

The Pavilion restaurant is open for patients. Visitors can still buy a hot or cold drink or a snack to take away from the fire door outside the restaurant.

What if I'm late in arriving for my appointment?

If you think you might be late, please call ahead on 01580 363158, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If we’re not able to see you, we’ll rebook your appointment.

What if my appointment or surgery has been cancelled?

Please be assured that our appointments team has your details and will be in touch by telephone or email as soon as we’re able to schedule your consultation or treatment.

What if my appointment has not been cancelled but I think I might have coronavirus symptoms. Should I still attend?

Please don’t attend for your surgery or an outpatient appointment if you have developed any of the following symptoms:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Any patient reporting or displaying any symptoms of coronavirus will be asked to return home and follow the latest government advice as detailed in our Self-isolation and Stay at home guidance, which is also available on the GOV.UK website.

I've recently returned from (or have been in contact with someone who has returned from) South Africa. Can I still attend the hospital for my appointment?

You should not attend for your appointment if it falls within the ten days isolation period. If your appointment does fall within this period please contact us to re-arrange.

I’ve made an enquiry but haven’t received an appointment

If you’ve enquired about booking an appointment in the coming weeks and months, please be assured our appointments team has your details. The team will be in touch with you by telephone or email as soon as we are able to schedule your consultation or treatment.

Can I bring a friend or relative into the appointment with me?

For us to be able to maintain social distancing guidelines, we ask that only the patient attends the appointment. Non-patients are not permitted inside the hospital and if someone has accompanied you to the hospital, they must wait outside for you.

If I pay can I book a private appointment?

Should you wish to pay for a private appointment, we’d be happy to discuss the options available to you and are committed to scheduling appointments as soon as we are able to. Please contact our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158 or via email

What services are available for Benenden Health members?

We understand the need for Benenden Health members to be able to access the hospital treatments and services covered by membership.

  • If you’ve already been referred by your GP and have also received authorisation from Member Services that you can access services using your membership, rest assured we have your details. The bookings team will be in touch with you, by telephone or by email, as soon as we are able to schedule your consultation or treatment.
  • If you’ve not been in contact with Benenden Health Member Services yet about accessing services at Benenden Hospital using your membership, please call them on 0800 414 8100.
I’m a Benenden Health member. Can I self-pay for a treatment?

As a member you may be entitled to discounts on some self-pay services. If you wish to pay for yourself, we can discuss the options available to you and schedule an appointment for you as soon as we’re able to.

Please contact our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158 or via email

What makes Benenden Hospital safe for patients and staff?

We’re rated 'Outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission and proud of our record on cleanliness and infection control. We continue to follow Government regulations and coronavirus-related advice.

  • We’ve introduced a ‘no-contact’ patient routing system, reducing face-to-face contact for our visitors
  • We’re proud of our 0% rate for hospital-acquired MRSA and are continuing our regimes of rigorous cleaning and hygiene
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitising products for all visitors are stationed at key points throughout the hospital
  • Our care at Benenden Hospital is matron-led, with individual responsibility for the delivery of excellent standards across all clinical areas
  • Protective screens are in place and appropriate staff wear personal protective equipment, keeping visitors and staff safe
  • Our operating theatres are among the most up to date you will find and feature an ultraclean, filtered air system
  • All inpatients at Benenden Hospital benefit from their own en suite room
  • Our free car parks can accommodate more than 200 cars and have easy access to the hospital
How do I get to the hospital?

We ask that you come to the hospital by private transport only and not by public transport. There’s a convenient drop off area outside the main hospital entrance and free car parking is available at the hospital.

What are the directions to the hospital?

Benenden Hospital is set in a beautiful location in the heart of rural Kent. Please note for Satellite Navigation, please input postcode TN17 4AT

I have a question about the COVID-19 vaccination

What is the hospital’s role in the vaccine rollout?

We won’t be playing a part in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine as the programme is being managed by the NHS. We suggest you go to for more information about COVID-19, including vaccination guidance.

Will the hospital continue its support of the NHS by administering the vaccine?

While we continue to support the NHS at this difficult time, we won’t be administering the vaccine. The vaccination programme is being managed by the NHS.

Will Benenden Hospital become a COVID-19 vaccination centre?

No, there are no plans to use the hospital as a vaccination centre.

Can the hospital arrange vaccinations for Benenden Health members?

No, unfortunately the hospital can’t arrange vaccinations. This nationally organised programme of free vaccinations is being managed by the NHS.

Can Benenden Hospital arrange a private vaccine for me?

No, we’re unable to arrange private vaccinations.

Can I get the vaccine at Benenden Hospital?

No, there are no plans to use the hospital as a vaccination centre. The country-wide vaccination centres that have been set up are being carefully managed by the NHS.

What is the process for having the vaccine?

We suggest you visit, where you’ll find up to date information about the vaccine rollout.

Where can I get the vaccine locally?

You’ll be contacted by the NHS when it’s your turn to be given the vaccine. We don’t hold information about where and when it will be available locally.

Can I buy a vaccine?

No, the vaccine is being given free by the NHS, so it isn’t available to buy.

What are the side effects?

We’re not able to provide this information. Please visit for information about potential side effects.

Has it been tested properly and is it safe?

We suggest you visit for information about the testing and approvals process which the vaccination has been through.

How long does it last? How long from first vaccine to potential immunity?

Please visit for information about time to immunity.

How old do you have to be to have the vaccination?

Details of the priority order for receiving the vaccine can be found at

I've had the COVID-19 vaccination

I’ve had the first stage vaccine; do I have to have a COVID-19 test when I attend Benenden Hospital?

Yes, even if you’ve had the first stage of the vaccine, you’ll still need to have a COVID-19 test if you're visiting us as an inpatient.

Once we have more information about the effectiveness of the vaccine, and how it may prevent the spread of COVID-19, we might be able to revise this guidance. But until then, we’ll continue to protect our patients at every stage of their hospital journey.

I’ve had the second stage vaccine; do I have to have a COVID-19 test when I attend the hospital?

Yes, even if you’ve had the second stage of the vaccine, you’ll still need to have a COVID-19 test if you're visiting us as an inpatient.

Once we have more information about the effectiveness of the vaccine and how it may prevent the spread of COVID-19, we might be able to revise this guidance. But until then, we’ll continue to protect our patients at every stage of their hospital journey.

I’ve been vaccinated; do I still need to self-isolate?

For the protection of all patients and our staff we’ll continue to ask patients to self-isolate prior to inpatient treatment at the hospital.

Will I need the COVID-19 test if I can prove I’ve had the vaccine?

Yes, at this time there’s no official documentation to prove that someone has been given the vaccine.

My friend/partner/companion has been vaccinated; can they accompany me to my appointment?

No, anyone who accompanies you to the hospital will be asked to wait outside.

However, individual exceptions may apply, for example if you have mobility issues, or are very hard of hearing. In these situations, you can be accompanied but we’d ask that you contact us beforehand to find out exactly how we can help once you arrive.

Can I still go ahead with my surgery if I’ve had one of the vaccine jabs, but not both?

Yes, your treatment will go ahead, subject to a negative COVID-19 test.

Will I still be required to wear a face covering when attending the hospital?

Yes, you’ll still need to wear a face covering in the hospital.

Do I still have to following social distancing rules when attending an appointment at Benenden Hospital?

Yes, we must all continue to follow Government guidelines (hands, face, space) on social distancing until advised otherwise.