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The benefits of working in the Flexi-Bank

Anna Rawlins

Anna Rawlins works in the busy Health Records department as part of our Flexi-Bank staff team. The team manages all our patient files, organising them for our Consultants, scanning in letters and ensuring that confidential records are kept safe and secure.

Anna started her working life as a Princess Christian Nanny, travelling far and wide with her clients, before changing her career path and taking on a Pitman’s secretarial course. Anna enjoyed a busy and varied career in marketing in the banking industry, then left to pursue various other part-time roles which fitted in with her busy schedule as a mother of five children.

How did you find out about the Flexi-Bank roles at our hospital?

I came to the hospital originally as a volunteer before joining the Flexi-Bank team. I’ve since worked in several Flexi-Bank roles at the hospital

I wanted some part-time work, close to home, so I thought if I got my foot in the door by volunteering and my manager could see how hard I worked, I’d be able to get something a bit more permanent.

What inspired you to apply for a Flexi-Bank position?

Although I’m in my 60s, I wanted to keep working. It’s really important for me to keep my brain cells ticking over, so I wanted an admin role where I had to concentrate and use my organisational skills. Also, it gets me out of the house, meeting other people and socialising.

I realised while I was volunteering that the hospital is a wonderful place to be, both as a patient and as a member of staff. It’s lovely and clean and the people are friendly and helpful.

How has working flexible hours improved your lifestyle?

Working flexibly was key when the children were young; it meant that I was always there for them. Nowadays, they’re living in the Cayman Islands and Australia so we can fly out to visit them when I want to and stay for a couple of weeks without having to worry about running out of holiday.

Flexi-Bank also means I can fit my work around other responsibilities; I’m a member of several local committees, plus I’m a Reflexologist so have my own regular client base!

It also suits the hospital; my manager can call me in at short notice, for example if members of the team are off sick or if we’re particularly busy. Because I live nearby, she can ring me, and I can be on-site quickly.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I feel as if I’m making a difference and get a real sense of achievement from my work. I also really value the training I receive here. We use a lot of technology, so I have to stay up to date with software such as Excel which we use regularly.

Would you recommend working in the Flexi-Bank at Benenden Hospital?

Yes, definitely. It’s a very rewarding way of working which lets me fit my job around my busy life and my family.

If you’re interested in any of our Flexi-Bank roles, vacancies are advertised on the Flexi-Bank careers pages.

Published on 29 July 2022