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Make a difference Day

Volunteers at Benenden Hospital

National Make a Difference Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October every year.

This year it will take place on Saturday 23 October. On this day, organisations and their staff come together to make a difference. No matter how big or small, every gesture of kindness adds up and can bring about positive change in many people’s lives.

At Benenden Hospital, patients are at the heart of everything we do. Our staff are committed to creating a positive patient experience from the moment they enter reception through to their recovery time. Volunteers are an important part of Benenden Hospital’s family, providing guiding services and assisting with reception and patient queries.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Improve self-confidence and enhance well-being
  • Meet people and making new friends
  • Try something different in between career changes
  • Utilise existing skills and learn new ones
  • Give something back to a place close to your heart
  • Provides a positive statement about you on application forms when applying for jobs or university
  • To support an organisation and feel part of a community
  • Having fun!

We are proud of the selfless hard work and efforts of our past and present volunteers.

What difference can being a volunteer at Benenden Hospital make?

  • Improve the patient experience by providing opportunities for patients to be supported by people who have had similar experiences
  • Promote trust by having volunteers that are representative of all parts of the organisation
  • Improve services by bringing different perspectives and helping to deliver more flexibility to meet everyone’s needs ­
  • Provide a diverse range of skills and experiences and help to develop skills across communities

Alison Campbell, who volunteers at Benenden Hospital on Wednesday mornings, said: “If I feel I have made a patient’s visit just a little easier, it is a good day for me. A welcoming smile, a friendly word or just pointing them in the right direction is all it takes. In these Covid-19 times when patients have to come alone, this is all the more important.”

You can also apply to progress onto Flexi-Bank or other job roles within the hospital from volunteering like Ann-Marie who became a volunteer in April this year. "I can help make a difference to a patient's visit by greeting them with a friendly face and I've made friends along the way too. Through volunteering, I was offered Flexi Bank work and the hours I now work suit me well."

The roles available:

Volunteer roles are varied and rewarding. As well as the support they provide to the hospital our volunteers are given the opportunity to build on their existing experience and knowledge, developing new skills.

Volunteers can provide support in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Reception services
  • Outpatient areas
  • Health Records
  • Catering
  • Meet and greet
  • Porters
  • IT
  • Grounds and estates
  • Housekeeping

How to apply:

To apply for any of these volunteering opportunities please complete our application form below and send to

Benenden Hospital Volunteer Programme application form

Once we've received your application, we'll contact you to discuss your aspirations.

Make a difference today!

Published on 23 October 2021