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Sue Towers' breast reduction surgery

Sue Towers, breast reduction surgery patient

Sue Towers tells us about the life changing breast reduction surgery she received at Benenden Hospital.

“I had bilateral breast reduction surgery at Benenden Hospital on the 21 September. Mr Marc Pacifico was my Consultant Plastic Surgeon, he was great. I live near Rochester in Kent so it took me less than an hour to get there.

How Sue’s natural weight loss journey led to her opting for a breast reduction

“Before opting for breast reduction surgery, I’d naturally lost 3 stone by cutting out unhealthy snacks and by starting to go to the gym. When lockdown hit in 2020 and I couldn’t go to the gym, my friend suggested Couch to 5k, this helped me to lose the last stone. However, it was difficult to run due to my breast size - sports bras gave me no support.

“I’d lost just over three stone in weight and my breasts were down to my belly button and they were just horrible. I decided I needed to do something about it.’

Why Sue chose Benenden Hospital for her breast reduction surgery

“After my weight loss I went back to my GP but they unfortunately couldn’t give me breast reduction surgery on the NHS. So, I went to find out how I could pay for it myself, that’s how I found Benenden Hospital.

“Originally, I sent an email to the hospital enquiring about breast reduction and had a reply from someone who gave me an in-depth price list for the procedure. It was a package deal for self-pay. I had my initial consultation with Mr Pacifico and Breast Nurse, Ali Holden-Smith. She is a wonderful nurse who also played a fabulous part in my whole journey. Mr Pacifico spoke directly to me and he said: ‘We’re going to make you feel confident again’.

“On the morning of the 21 September I was taken to the ward to meet the wonderful staff, they were all fantastic and it instantly calmed me down. In the afternoon I was taken down to theatres. I was explaining to the gentleman that did my canula for my anaesthetic how I’d had such a bad experience with cannula’s before. In response he said, ‘I put your canula in 5 minutes ago’. I was so impressed! Four hours later I was upstairs in the ward ready for a cup of tea.

How breast reduction surgery has helped Sue to run faster

“Before weight loss and my breast reduction, my breasts weighed a stone each, I had huge dents at the top of my shoulders, they were a huge strain for me.

“Prior to the surgery I was a double G cup size so I couldn’t go to Primark to spend £4 on a bra. Instead, I had to go to Rigby and Peller to have one which costed £102. To be able now to go to Primark and spend less money on a bra is amazing! I haven’t been able to do that since I was 25. I’m 56 now and people have asked me why are you having your breasts done now? - I say I’m doing this for me. Literally two days post-surgery the smile on my face said it all, my shoulders were back, my posture had instantly improved and my confidence had skyrocketed.

“With regards to my jogging, Ali said ‘Slowly, slowly Sue’. I did that and I thought I was the same pace but I was running half a km faster!

“I used to call them my ugly boobs now they’re my girls because they’re a part of me again and I love them.”

Watch Sue's video.

Female breast reduction surgery at Benenden Hospital

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Published on 07 December 2021