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Aquablation® cures Mr Ralph’s enlarged prostate

Aquablation® patient, Phillip Ralph

Phillip Ralph did not know he had an enlarged prostate until he suffered complete bladder retention whilst on holiday. Not wanting to live with a catheter, Phillip booked to see our Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Steve Garnett, for an initial consultation and had his preoperative assessment on the same day. He then self-paid for his robotic-assisted Aquablation® procedure only a week later.

What symptoms of enlarged prostate did you suffer from?

“I had a complete bladder (also known as urinary) retention while on holiday in September 2023, but I had no warning signs or symptoms that this was going to happen to me. I had to go to A&E while on holiday to have a catheter fitted to enable me to urinate. Having a catheter fitted is not pleasant.

“It’s a very laborious process of changing bags every day, and it’s painful when you walk and sit down. I had to find a way of working full-time as a Contracts Manager while also managing the catheter. It was very problematic and changed my life completely.”

Aquablation® cures Mr Ralph’s enlarged prostate

No more catheter! Hear about Mr Ralph’s journey from complete bladder retention to completely cured thanks to Aquablation® at Benenden Hospital.

What treatment options were you offered elsewhere?

“Suffering from acute bladder retention led me to find a solution to my problem - fast. After chatting with my GP, I was advised to research trans-urethral resection of the prostate gland (TURP) and Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP).

“However, they had some side effects and risks, which were the potential of permanent acute bladder retention, incontinence and effects on sexual function. Although these are rare, as I already had bladder retention, I did not feel comfortable with the risks.”

How did you find out about Aquablation®?

“I saw a Benenden Hospital webinar, hosted by Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Garnett, about the Aquablation® procedure, which I only thought was available in America. This robotic-assisted procedure was exactly what I needed, with less side effects, risks and a quicker recovery time.”

The webinar covers people’s symptoms of suffering from Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), it explains the complications and treatment options as well as the side effects of Aquablation®. If you have any questions, you can ask too.”

What happened during your initial consultation?

“I made contact with Benenden Hospital by telephone, and I was very pleased that I could see Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Garnett within a week for an initial consultation!

“I was happy to travel the distance from Milton Keynes at a convenient time on a Monday as it meant I could begin my patient journey efficiently. I brought notes provided by my doctor and Mr Garnett was very pleased to receive them. He discussed my symptoms and the treatments he provided at Benenden Hospital for enlarged prostate. He reassured me about the side effects and risks of each procedure.

“At the end of the consultation, he said he had an available slot for surgery the following Monday. Before I made my final decision, he gave me a leaflet with all the treatments listed to reflect on what I really wanted, so I wasn’t rushed or pressured at all. I made my decision to go ahead with my Aquablation® surgery after relaxing in the Pavilion café at the hospital.”

Preoperative assessment on same day

“Mr Garnett said I was able to have the pre-op assessment on the same day as my initial consultation, so I didn’t need to travel again within a week. The nursing staff were very caring and helpful. I was so happy my patient journey had progressed so quickly, as I’d only expected to come in to discuss my treatment options, but my initial consultation offered so much more.”

How did the hospital’s location affect your patient experience?

“You often find hospitals are in the middle of towns or cities with little parking and you have to manoeuvre through city centres. But Benenden Hospital is situated in nice countryside, so when you approach the hospital, it’s really inviting, with free parking and plenty of spaces. There is no stress or hassle and that puts your mind at ease as soon as you walk through the door.”

What was your recovery like post procedure?

“My initial recovery after the surgery was very good, as I really didn’t experience much pain whatsoever. I was taken to one of their beautiful ward rooms, with an en-suite. The nursing staff were caring and attentive and came to my room every two hours to check up on me.

“The initial stay for Aquablation® was supposed to be one night but it turned into two nights to ensure that my recovery was as smooth as possible. I was discharged with the catheter still fitted because the first removal didn’t work. However, the nursing staff immediately booked an appointment for a second attempt at removing the catheter for 10 days’ time.”

How has your life improved after your Aquablation® procedure?

“After the 10 days was up, I returned for a second catheter removal trial. The nurse was very understanding of how anxiety-inducing the removal process can be, as you just want everything to go smoothly. Fortunately, the trial was successful! I can now urinate normally without the use of a catheter. I was so relieved and happy; I was in heaven!

When I returned home and back to my normal life, I still received a check-in call a week after to confirm I was recovering and functioning well. This was such a personalised approach to care.”

Phillip’s advice to other men with urology problems

“I would definitely recommend Benenden Hospital and its urology service; the expertise is absolutely fantastic. The knowledge of the staff is second to none, the Aquablation® treatment is first-class, it is a modern, robotic-assisted surgery that is accurate; it’s brilliant.

“My advice to anyone struggling with urology problems is to see your GP. Since I’ve returned to work, a few of my colleagues have said to me that they’re struggling with similar symptoms. It’s surprising how many men suffer but don’t talk to a healthcare professional for advice.

“Unfortunately, one man said I urinate more than I need to, but he didn’t believe he had an enlarged prostate. It’s important to note that there are many symptoms of enlarged prostate.

My Benenden Hospital Rewards

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Published on 24 April 2024