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Chris Holloway’s Orthopaedic Surgeries

Chris Holloway hip and knee replacement at Benenden Hospital

After having a successful total hip replacement four years ago with Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Matthew Oliver, Chris returned to our hospital for his total knee replacement with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Alex Chipperfield in 2023. Discover what symptoms led to Chris accessing treatment at our hospital and how Chris found his patient journey.

What symptoms were you struggling with?

“I was struggling with lots of pain in my right knee joint. I think my joint pain was inevitable after years of working in various manual jobs up until my recent retirement. In my early career, I was a coal man, delivering coal to houses in 224-pound weight sacks. I then progressed to an HGV driver for Iceland and Royal Mail.

“As my wife was in a home for a year, I kept putting off getting my knee pain sorted. I thought it would need replacing, as my symptoms were similar to those I’d had in my hip. When my wife passed away, I knew I needed to get it sorted as she’d always told me to get it looked at. It got to the point where I’d have to stop up to four times due to pain when walking to see my grandchildren, who only live around the corner! I missed playing football with them at the weekends too.

“Before coming to Benenden Hospital, the NHS had given me other treatments such as physiotherapy to strengthen the knee joint, and I’d had a steroid injection too. However, these treatments didn’t work.”

Can you explain how being a Benenden Health member improved your patient journey?

“My late wife and I always saw the value in Benenden Health Membership, which I used to access both my orthopaedic surgeries at Benenden Hospital. Having had previous positive experiences at Benenden Hospital, I chose to be referred from the NHS to Benenden Hospital through my Benenden Health Membership for my initial consultation. This was the same smooth patient journey I took to access my total knee replacement surgery last summer.”

Did you find your initial consultation informative?

“I had my initial consultation in June last year and I saw Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Alex Chipperfield, who was very clear and easy to talk to. What I love is the personalised care: Mr Chipperfield guided me through my patient journey, and even completed my surgery! Everything was efficient, I had an x-ray at Benenden Hospital on the same day as my initial consultation and one week later I had my pre-operative assessment.”

What was your two-night stay like here?

“From my initial consultation to the day of my total knee replacement surgery, I only had to wait three months. My son dropped me off at the hospital on Friday and he picked me up on Sunday after a wonderful two-night stay.

“Everything was explained clearly, so nothing was a surprise. I was put under general anaesthetic and didn’t feel anything during the surgery. The care was second to none. From saying hello to the Housekeepers to the Theatre staff and Nurses – everyone was so polite and welcoming.

“My brother used to live eight miles from here, so I know the area of Kent quite well. Benenden Hospital smells like a hotel, not like a hospital. It also is much better to see trees from your bed room window than to see a block of flats.

“The day after my surgery, a Physiotherapist came in to teach me some seated exercises. He then progressed to get me walking up a small set of stairs. It’s at this point that you can be discharged.”

How are you feeling now?

“Nearly eight months post knee surgery, I can walk much further now. 10 days after, I got my crutches and I initially walked 100 yards. Then I went a bit too far by walking two miles! I have the smallest scar on my hip from four years ago, which is only two and a half inches long. In comparison, my late wife’s hip scar from twenty years ago was almost a foot long!

“I’m receiving six sessions of physiotherapy local to where I live, provided through my Benenden Health membership. This is helping to strengthen my ligaments even further in my knee recovery journey.

“Most commonly, friends ask how the titanium joint feels, and I say I can’t feel it – it’s like any other bone – minus the arthritis!”

Can you give an overview of your past hip replacement surgery?

“As previously mentioned, I have always had positive experiences at Benenden Hospital and see great value in private medical insurance. Four years ago, I went to my GP with hip pain and went to the NHS for an x-ray in which they said I’d need a hip replacement. And so, as with my knee surgery, I requested a referral to Benenden Hospital through my Benenden Health membership and the process couldn’t have gone smoother!

“My initial consultation for my hip pain was with Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Matthew Oliver. I give great credit to him! He was jovial and reassuring and I liked his approach to comparing a healthy hip with an arthritic hip. ‘On the right screen you can see the x-ray of a healthy, happy hip joint,’ he said, pointing out aspects on the screen. ‘Whereas on the left monitor, here is your hip. This blurred area is where it’s disintegrating. You will need a hip replacement,’ he’d said.”

“The operation was a success and my recovery was as expected, so I felt greatly prepared.”

Chris’s advice to anyone considering joint replacement surgery

“I know a couple of people who are on waiting lists and I tell everybody to shorten the waiting times by looking into private healthcare. If you’re struggling with persistent joint pain, go to your GP for their opinion first and start your journey as soon as you can. Benenden Hospital is five-star all round!”

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Published on 28 February 2024