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Issy Palframans' abdominal hysterectomy success

Issy's hysterectomy story

Issy Palframans is a 44-year-old Mum. She and her husband have four children and Issy works as a Teaching Assistant, having also been a teacher for 17 years.

After many years of suffering from long, heavy periods and then finding out she had fibroids and endometriosis, Issy approached the NHS for treatment. While her GP was sympathetic and supportive, she was frank with Issy about waiting lists for obstetrics and gynaecology procedures and that she might have a long wait

Here Issy tells her own story about her treatment at Benenden Hospital.

"As my condition gradually worsened, both the pain and continual bleeding were having a huge impact on my daily life. Waiting for the NHS was not an option for me and so, through my membership of Benenden Health I was very quickly given an appointment to meet with Mr Gupta, Consultant Gynaecologist at Benenden Hospital. Immediately, I was impressed with both the efficiency of my referral and the hospital when I visited for that first appointment.

"Mr Gupta talked through everything with me and after examining me, he recommended an abdominal hysterectomy; I came out of the appointment feeling confident in both his care and that of the hospital staff.

"Given this all happened just prior to lockdown, I fully understood that my surgery would not be taking place for some time. However, Benenden Hospital kept me informed of changes and I was then given an operation date of 7 September.

"On admission to Benenden Hospital I was cared for on Bensan Ward and from the moment I arrived, to the time I left, the standard of care I received was exceptional.

"Had I gone through the NHS, it’s likely I would just have been one of a number of patients being treated on a ward rather than in the lovely private room I had at Benenden Hospital.

"It’s certainly true, Benenden Hospital has the time and space to care and this was reflected by all of the hospital team during my stay.

"I must mention nurses Grace and Ali. Grace, who was wonderful at listening to all my worries, gave me compassionate, professional responses and solutions; and Ali who cared for me when I was not feeling at my best and really got me on the road to recovery. Even after being discharged the care didn’t stop. I received a call at home, from the Ward Sister, Fatima, who called to check I was recovering well at home, that really is caring.

"From healthcare assistants to night staff, who continually monitored me and cared for me when I was feeling poorly, a huge thank you. Everyone was friendly, caring, and informative. I was impressed with everything, and everyone I encountered.

"But you know, it’s often the little things that also play a big part in helping you feel better and cared for, so thank you to the lady from the catering team who managed to get me some peas with my lunch even though they weren’t on the menu!

"I truly feel that my very smooth and straightforward recovery has been down to the level of care I received while at Benenden Hospital, where a fairly big procedure during a global pandemic was made as positive as it could actually be."

At Benenden Hospital, we carry out a range of gynaecology treatments in our calm and healing environment. For more information about treatment, contact us using our enquiry form, via Livechat, or by calling our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158.

Published on 11 January 2021