My treatment journey at a private hospital

Private treatment at Benenden Hospital

The final article in our series about choosing a hospital for your private treatment recommends finding out how long your treatment might take, to that all important point about knowing which Consultant will treat you.

Which Consultant will I see?

While no-one wants to go into hospital, it can be reassuring to have a Consultant or Surgeon you know and trust, either through previous experience, personal recommendation or one you’ve picked based on reviews from a hospital website or a healthcare review site such as Doctify. Additionally, your GP or the hospital’s Private Patient team should be able to suggest a relevant specialist, based on your own circumstances.

It’s crucial in doing your research that you ask about the experience of a Consultant, or group of Consultants, and get to know the number of procedures they perform in a year and their surgical outcomes. Ask too, about any risks that could affect the result of your treatment and what the repeat operation rates are for your required treatment.

My treatment journey

From the moment you make that initial contact with your chosen hospital, you should be on a smooth journey, with privacy, dignity and respect for the patient being key.

Each hospital you speak with should be able to advise how long your treatment should take, from your initial consultation to recovery. While this will be useful in managing your expectations, it should be noted that some treatments may require more than one consultation and if you will be required to spend time in hospital as part of your treatment, make sure you find out how long that may be.

If it’s the case that your treatment will require an overnight stay, you may want to have visitors as they can really boost your mood and help your recovery. During the current pandemic and with social distancing in place, it’s essential you ask each hospital about who can accompany you for initial consultations/appointments. Then, when you go into hospital for your treatment, will you be allowed visitors and how many. Find out how we're keeping patients, visitors and staff safe.

Your treatment journey shouldn’t simply end the day you leave hospital or complete your appointment. Having contact details of someone at the hospital who your family can contact during your stay, or who you can speak with between appointments, is all part of the journey to recovery.

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Published on 20 January 2021