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Staying healthy and happy at work

Staying healthy and happy at work

More than 40 million working days are being lost by business each year in the UK because of poor mental wellbeing.

How do you stay healthy, happy and motivated at work? How can you avoid that Sunday night/Monday morning feeling? And what can you do to avoid an afternoon slump? We've got some advice. 

1. Make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep

Avoid computer, TV and phone screens just before you go to bed and avoid blue lights which suppress the production of the sleep hormone melatonin more than any other type of light. Check out our tips on how to relax and recover.

2. Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol

If you have to go to work the next day, avoid alcohol. This will make you feel tired and sluggish the next day.

3. Get some fresh air during the working day

Take breaks from the computer screen. Get out at lunchtime and have a walk if you can. Sometimes have a power nap during your lunch break if there is somewhere for you to do so.

4. Chat with colleagues and socialise to brighten the working day

If you had a bad day yesterday do not keep going over it. Remember the quote ‘When I realise I could not touch yesterday, I decided not to let it touch me'

5. Be mindful – enjoy what you are doing

Stop worrying about the past or the future. Try meditation for general wellbeing.

6. Keep hydrated

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water. Avoid excessive caffeine, it’s an artificial stimulant. It might give you a quick pick up but the effects will be short lived. Caffeine is addictive and too much could affect your sleep.

7. Have some snacks to hand

Don’t eat heavy foods at lunchtime. If you get a mid-afternoon slump try having a handful of dried fruit or nuts.

And finally...look forward to the high points in your working week and focus on these. Make sure you maintain a healthy work/life balance and if there is a problem at work then take action to try to resolve it. We spend a large percentage of our time at work so it’s important to be happy.

If you need to talk to someone about your own mental health or that of someone close to you there are services available for you to find help and advice such as NHS Every mind matters, Mind CharitySamaritans or speak to a GP.

Help for your mental health at Benenden Hospital

If you've been affected by anything mentioned in this article, or would like to discuss your mental health, our fast access GP services can help. Book your appointment online today or contact our Private Patient team via Livechat or on 01580 363158.

Published on 25 September 2019