How much does a gastric balloon cost?

You can access gastric balloon surgery at Benenden Hospital as a self-paying patient.

Our guide price is from £4,300.

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I have a question about the gastric balloon procedure

What are the benefits of a gastric balloon for weight loss?

The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive. Gastric balloons are removable, so the operation can be reversed if you have any problems. As with all weight loss surgery, it requires a lifelong commitment to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

What happens during the gastric balloon procedure?

In this temporary, non-invasive procedure a gastric balloon is inserted into your stomach using an endoscope; a long, thin, flexible tube that has a light source and camera at one end. This sends images of the inside of your body to a screen which your Consultant will be viewing.

The endoscope passes through your gullet and into the stomach to check that there are no issues which could affect the rest of the procedure. The deflated balloon is then passed through and inflated with liquid coloured with blue dye. A final check with an endoscope is done before the balloon is placed into the stomach.

The balloon can be left in your stomach for up to a year, but the procedure can be reversed if you’re unable to tolerate it. As it’s an endoscopic procedure, your recovery will be quicker.

What should I expect before and after the gastric balloon procedure?

Before your gastric balloon procedure, our diet and nutrition experts will talk to you about a pre-surgery diet and advise you on your diet following the operation.

Because the balloon is taking up space in your stomach, you’ll find it very difficult to eat any solid food for one to two weeks after your surgery. You’ll be encouraged to drink a lot of fluid for the first few days after your gastric balloon has been inserted, and you may feel nauseous as a result. If you feel this might be an issue for you, please let us know.

Are there any risks of side effects of having a gastric balloon?

This is a very simple, non-invasive procedure which carries the same minor risks as an endoscopy. It can be performed under sedation without the need for an anaesthetic.

There’s a very small risk that the balloon may rupture, which would lead to the blue dye escaping and colouring your urine blue/green. If this happens, the ruptured balloon will be removed endoscopically.

Are there any alternative treatments to the Orbera® gastric balloon?

If a gastric balloon isn’t the right choice, you might think about other changes you could make to your lifestyle, such as weight loss programs, other weight loss surgery including a gastric sleeve, gastric band or gastric bypass, psychological treatment or medication.

  • Lifestyle changes involve making changes to your diet, taking some-or more-exercise and altering other lifestyle habits, either on your own or with the aid of a self-help support group
  • Weight loss programmes set out an eating pattern and give dietary advice, as well as an exercise programme
  • Psychological treatments can support your thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself and your relationship with food, eating and exercise
  • There are new weight loss medications on the market which may help. These can be prescribed by your GP

In our experience, most people who have weight loss surgery have already tried some, or all, of the other treatment options. Our specialist team, led by our expert Consultant, will discuss how effective these weight loss methods have been for you in order to establish if surgery is an option, and how they can support you in the future.

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