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Sialogram diagnostic test

If you suspect that you have a blockage in your salivary duct or glands, then a sialogram could help diagnose it.

What is a sialogram test?

A sialogram is an x-ray procedure that looks at the salivary ducts and glands. A small tube is inserted into the gland. Contrast (an x-ray dye) is then injected into the salivary glands, which allows them to be seen more clearly on the x-ray pictures. The dye will show on the x-ray if there are any issues with the saliva glands

I have a question about having a sialogram test

Why would I have a sialogram test?

Your doctor can use a sialogram to check for blockages in a salivary duct or gland.

Is a sialogram painful?

You may feel some pain, uneasiness or swelling in your mouth but the procedure itself is painless.

How is a sialogram carried out?

A catheter (a small flexible tube) is inserted through your mouth and into the duct of the salivary gland. A special dye (contrast medium) is then injected into the duct. This allows the duct to show up on the x-ray. The x-rays will be taken from several positions.

Why is a sialogram done?

You may need to have sialogram if your doctor thinks you a disorder of the salivary ducts or glands.

What is sialography used for?

A sialogram is a test your doctor can use to diagnose a blocked salivary gland or duct in your mouth. The procedure uses x-rays. Your salivary glands are located on each side of your face.

What happens during a sialogram test?

A sialogram is a test which uses x-rays and a contrast medium (x-ray dye) to produce detailed images of the salivary glands (parotid or submandibular glands). These glands drain saliva into your mouth through small tubes called ducts. The duct openings are located in your cheeks and under your tongue.

What should I expect after a sialogram test?

After the sialogram is over. The Consultant may instruct you to massage your salivary glands. This will aid in draining the dye. You may find that you experience a bitter taste.

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