When you visit the hospital
Our senior nursing team are there to ensure that your care and treatment is delivered in a safe and effective way, and one of our experienced clinical team will be responsible for the delivery of your care.

This can include you being able to:

  • See your medical records
  • See a Consultant's list with details of all specialties

If you are treated here
You can be assured that we will maintain your privacy and dignity. You will also have access to a doctor at any hour of the day or night during your stay.

When you leave the hospital
You will be given all the information and medication you need to return home safely and in comfort. We will tell you who to contact if you have further concerns and, if you wish, we will contact you to ensure that all is well.

If you would like to give us feedback
Whether delivered verbally or in writing, we guarantee that it will be thoroughly investigated and that you will receive a timely response.

Benenden Hospital trust is committed to developing a positive health and safety culture where the inherent risks in healthcare provision are controlled and reduced through the involvement and commitment of all staff in delivering a quality service.