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My Benenden Hospital Rewards Terms and Conditions

1. About My Benenden Hospital Rewards

My Benenden Hospital Rewards (‘the Scheme’) is a loyalty programme for self-funding (also known as Self-Pay) patients who book and pay for treatment at Benenden Hospital. The Scheme user (‘Participant’) can earn Reward Points by carrying out Qualifying Actions as outlined in Section 5, which can be redeemed against future treatments, diagnostic tests or services at Benenden Hospital (‘Reward Bookings’).

The Scheme is open to:

  • Benenden Health members who self-fund their treatment
  • Non-members who pay in full for their own treatment or service (this includes NHS patients who go on to pay in full for their treatment)

2. Joining My Benenden Hospital Rewards

  • Membership of the Scheme is by enrolment using the Scheme Join Form.
  • Participants must join the Scheme before booking an eligible consultation, treatment, service, diagnostic test or scan (‘Qualifying Booking’) in order for Reward Points to be added.
  • Enrolment via the Join Form will create a Scheme Account (‘Account’) and give the Participant access to the Contact Portal on the platform. This shows the current Reward Points balance, available Rewards, and the number of Reward Points needed to redeem higher value Rewards.
  • Once enrolled, Participants will receive the Scheme Joining Bonus of 1,000 points. Only one Joining Bonus is allowed per Participant.
  • Participants can manage their Account and Reward Points through their Contact Portal using any internet-connected device with a browser.

2.1 Qualifying Bookings

  • A Qualifying Booking is the booking of any self-funded (Self-Pay) consultation, diagnostic test, treatment or service with a cost over £50 which is to be carried out at Benenden Hospital
  • Bookings that are subsequently cancelled are not Qualifying Bookings.
  • Qualifying Bookings which have had a discount applied as a result of redeeming Reward Points, or as a result of applying the Benenden Health member discount, can only earn points on the discounted amount, not the full price of the treatment

3. Eligibility

  • The Scheme is only open to residents of the UK, aged 18 or over and who provide accurate information when enrolling.
  • Only one Scheme membership per Participant is allowed.
  • Participation in the Scheme is for individuals only; we do not provide corporate or group memberships.
  • We may publish information about the types of Participants that we allow to join the Scheme, and this may change.
  • The Scheme is open to staff of Benenden Hospital and Benenden Healthcare Society.

4. Data protection

  • By enrolling in the Scheme, Participants agree to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal data by Benenden Hospital, My Benenden Hospital Rewards and It is recommended that Participants read the privacy information.
  • The information held on the platform is used for the purpose of administering My Benenden Hospital Rewards, including sending emails relating to a participant’s loyalty scheme account (Transactional emails). Participants can consent to receive promotional offers (Marketing emails) by ticking the Newsletter opt-in box on the Join Form and may opt out of Marketing emails at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link in any Scheme email. However, we may still contact Participants about their Account, changes to Terms and Conditions, or important notices relating to treatment.

5. Reward Points earning rules (‘Qualifying Actions’)

Reward Points can be earned for the following actions: joining the Scheme (see Section 2); self-paying for an eligible consultation, diagnostic test, treatment or service; referring a friend; providing a testimonial or any other action as defined by Benenden Hospital (‘Qualifying Actions’)

5.1 Self-paying for an eligible treatment or service

  • An eligible service is defined as any consultation, diagnostic test or clinical procedure carried out at Benenden Hospital by one of our staff or Consultants.
  • Participants may only receive Reward Points for treatments and services carried out at Benenden Hospital by one of our staff or Consultants.
  • To be eligible, a Qualifying Booking must be made by phone, in person at our Private Patient desk or via our online booking tool.
  • You must spend a minimum of £50 on each Qualifying Booking to be eligible to receive Reward Points

5.2 Providing a testimonial

Any active Participant who has had treatment at Benenden Hospital can provide a testimonial. Please contact the Marketing team by email at for more information and to verify your eligibility.

5.3 Referring a friend

Any active Participant can refer up to five other consenting individuals (‘Friends’) who are not already Participants by providing them with a referral code via a unique web link (‘Referral Link’). The Participant will become a referrer (‘Referrer’).

In order to benefit from the Scheme, Friends must use the Referral Link to create an Account and make a Qualifying Booking. Once the Qualifying Booking has been made and the points credited to the Friend’s Account, the Referrer will receive their referral Reward Points (‘Referral Reward’) of 2,000 points.

The Friend must use the Referral Link provided by the Referrer to join the Scheme and will be rewarded with 1,000 Reward Points. If the Friend does not use the Referral Link, the Referrer will not receive their Referral Reward.

If you’re eligible for a Referral Reward under the Scheme (either as a Referrer or a Friend) we will send you an email (‘Reward Email’) with details of your Reward.

In order to be eligible, the Friend:

  • Must meet the eligibility criteria set out in section 3.
  • Must enrol in the Scheme using the Referral Link shared with them by the Referrer.
  • Must have made a Qualifying Booking.
  • Must not currently be, or have been at any previous time, a Scheme Participant.

The Referrer will not be eligible for the Referral Bonus if:

  • They recommend themselves.
  • The Friend enrols otherwise than by using the Referral Link shared by the Referrer, including where the Friend enrols directly with the Scheme without using the Referral Link.

Referrals are limited to 5 per Participant. If you would like to refer more than this, please contact the hospital’s Marketing team by email at

The Friend’s personal data will be processed as set out in our Privacy Notice.

5.4 Other eligible actions

From time to time, we may make changes to the eligible actions that entitle you to earn points.

6. Reward Points and rewards values

  • Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Reward Points will be added to your Account within 72 hours of attending the hospital for your consultation, treatment or service, test or scan (except for Bank Holidays and Christmas closing).
  • Reward Points are not transferable to another Participant.
  • Qualifying Bookings made prior to joining the Scheme are not eligible for Reward Points.

Qualifying Action

Reward Points earned

Joining the scheme


Referring a friend


Becoming a Patient Ambassador


Paying for a treatment or service

1 point per £1 spent


7. Reward Points redemption limits

  • Participants must have sufficient Reward Points in their Account at the point of redemption.
  • You can redeem your points when making future Qualifying Bookings.
  • Reward Points will be deducted from the credit Points balance and will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
  • Reward Points have no monetary value, and they will not expire .
  • You can only make one Reward Booking at any one time and it cannot be combined with any other vouchers or discount codes, except in the case of discounts applied for self-funding Benenden Health members.
  • Reward Points cannot be used to buy a gift card.
  • Reward Points cannot be used towards previous purchases.

Number of Reward Points redeemed

Discount off future treatment or service














8. Termination conditions

  • Misuse of the Scheme, including sharing a Scheme Account with other individuals or groups will result in deactivation of your account,
  • Dormant or inactive Accounts (accounts with 0 points or accounts with no new points or redemptions) will be deactivated after two years.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your participation in the Scheme or any Reward Points earned and not yet used in the event of fraud, abuse of rewards privileges, violation of these Terms and Conditions, or at our discretion. This includes the Refer a Friend scheme.

9. Closing your account

Participants may opt out of the Scheme at any time. If you opt out of the Scheme, you will no longer earn Reward Points or be able to redeem Reward Points and you will forfeit your unused and unexpired Reward Points. Deletion of Points is final and cannot be reversed. To Cancel, please contact our Marketing team by email at

10. Dispute resolution

If you have a complaint about My Benenden Hospital Rewards, please contact the hospital’s Marketing Team by email at

11. Limited liability

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no responsibility or liability is assumed by Benenden Hospital for technical problems or malfunctions arising in connection with any of the following occurrences which may affect the operation of the Scheme.

12. Changes to these terms

Benenden Hospital reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme, including suspending or cancelling any parts of the Scheme in the following cases:

  • Following legal changes eg GDPR
  • If the Scheme is no longer commercially viable for Benenden Hospital
  • If administering the Scheme becomes burdensome for the hospital

We will advise you in advance by email, on our website and on social media if there are changes to our Terms and Conditions.