Benenden member referrals

If your patient is a Benenden member and they feel the NHS waiting time is unreasonable and it is causing them distress, they can request access to diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions at Benenden Hospital via the Member Services team. Any member can request access to these services six months after they join, providing that they are a UK resident.

Benenden asks its members to ensure they have a GP referral before requesting services under their personal healthcare membership. This is due to services being provided on a discretionary basis. If an NHS appointment becomes available before Benenden are able to help, we would ask you to consider using the NHS.

The information below for patients provides an overview of what Benenden Health in York requires in order to consider providing assistance.

What your patient needs to do

The patient will have seen a GP and they will support a clinical referral for their current symptoms. If the NHS wait for Diagnostics is over 3 weeks or over 5 weeks for Treatment they can contact Benenden Member Services in York on 0800 414 8100 who will consider their request and help where possible.

The Member Services team will ask for the following information from the patient:

  • Details of which medical service(s) are required via the NHS
  • The current NHS waiting time for the diagnostic consultation, test, or treatment
  • Details of how any delay in provision of this treatment will impact on the member’s wellbeing

If Benenden authorise services, they will require a copy of their referral from their GP. The referral can be accepted through the post, via email or by fax and all the details are below.

It will be the patients responsibility to cancel any NHS appointment once Benenden Hospital have offered them an appointment.

You may need to provide your patient with the above information prior to them contacting the Member Services department.

What you need to do

Where members are asked to provide a copy of their referral for their treatment, this information needs to be supplied in writing to either of the following:

Postal address
Benenden Healthcare Society
Holgate Park Drive
YO26 4GG

Email address

Fax number

0845 052 5822

Member Services contact number

0800 414 8100

Diagnostic and treatment services via Benenden Personal Healthcare

Funding can only be authorised by Benenden prior to the appointment being made with Benenden Hospital.

Services are offered by Benenden Personal Healthcare on a discretionary basis. Benenden members must, therefore, contact the Member Services department before making any arrangements on 0800 414 8100.

If you wish to recommend Benenden Hospital, or your patients want to use us as a member, you should first check out the full list of services we offer to ensure we can meet any medical requirements.

If you require any further information on how to refer your patient, please do not hesitate to contact our Liaison Team on  This email is for health professionals only (e.g. GPs, optometrists and other health professionals).