Benenden Hospital launches new service to help combat female health issues

Launch of Benenden Hospital's female health hub

A female health hub which provides easy to access information on a range of women’s health issues including menopause, has been launched.

The hub, aimed at women of all ages, acts as a point of reference to put women in control of their own health. It provides information on key areas of physical and mental wellbeing. Women can read about a variety of topics including: the signs and symptoms of the menopause, what is endometriosis, living with pelvic inflammatory disease and support for heavy and painful periods.

It also provides short videos from Benenden Hospital’s team of Consultant Gynaecologists, who offer advice and support on topical women’s health issues.

Women’s health concerns are often thought about as a taboo subject and more needs to be done to support women up and down the country. Rowan Connell, Medical Director and Consultant Gynaecologist at Benenden Hospital said: “Women’s health is an important topic and is something that isn’t talked about enough. We want to provide women with as much information as we can.

“At Benenden Hospital we have a team of expert Gynaecologists who treat various female health issues including chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, and heavy periods. We offer a range of private gynaecology treatments such as hysterectomy, NovaSure endometrial ablation, a procedure which removes a layer of tissue (endometrium) that lines the uterus to stop or reduce heavy periods and Mirena coil fitting.

“If you’re looking for advice on issues that are affecting your health, the first point of contact would be your GP. Alternatively, you can access our female health hub”.

Private treatment at Benenden Hospital

Our expert Consultant Gynaecologists offer a range of private gynaecology treatments in a discreet environment. To find out how we can help, contact our Private Patients team by completing our online enquiry form or by calling 01580 363158.

Notes to Editor

For further information or to arrange an interview with Rowan Connell, Medical Director please contact Mirella Falcone, PR & Communications Manager at Benenden Hospital, on 07720 735934 or via

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Published on 03 August 2022