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Eye Unit Sister completes apprenticeship in Leadership and Management

Jane Styche

Jane Styche, Eye Unit Sister, started her apprenticeship in Leadership and Management in April 2019. Coronavirus delayed the course but fortunately that didn't deter Jane. 

"I was encouraged by Matron, Ali Curtis, to consider applying for an apprenticeship in leadership and management. As the deadline for applications was really tight, I had very little time to think about it, but I decided the opportunity was too good to miss out on, and so I accepted and the following week attended the  first development day!

"Within one development day and a couple of workbooks I instantly noticed the benefit of doing this course and how I would be able to take what I had learnt and apply it to my own management style. The journey was far from smooth, with 5 different coaches, a changeover in systems and some lost work, not to mention the arrival of COVID!

“There were times when I felt that I wouldn’t complete the course, but I stuck with it, applying my new knowledge and skills. Finally, after some unavoidable lost months, in November of this year I reached my end point assessment and was ready to take my exams. I recently received my results and with a huge sigh of relief, I learnt that I had passed with a Distinction! This means that I am now recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

"For anyone considering an apprenticeship, I would absolutely recommend it, I can’t guarantee an easy ride, but with focus, some self-learning and the benefit of a supportive manager and wider organisation, it is great opportunity and one that I would encourage my colleagues to really consider. It’s left me with a real feeling of accomplishment and pride, and I feel even more equipped to deal with the challenges of my management role."

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Published on 08 October 2021