Successful hip replacement surgery for Robert Gray

Successful hip replacement surgery for Robert Gray

Robert Gray arrived at Benenden Hospital in a wheelchair for surgery to replace his hip. A few days later he left the hospital on crutches and several weeks later he was able to walk completely unaided.

Mr Gray said the hip replacement surgery, which he had in December 2013, has completely changed his life, after fearing he would never walk again. He has described his surgeon, Alex Chipperfield, as a "rock star" and said the care he received at Benenden Hospital was "beyond brilliant".

Previously Mr Gray, aged 57, had suffered with his hip for around six years. He decided something had to be done after having three serious falls in the space of one year. He made many visits to his GP but said he "did not get anywhere".

He then found that a private health insurance he had meant he was able to book himself a consultation at Benenden Hospital.

Mr Gray, who lives in Greenwich, said: "I went to Benenden Hospital in a wheelchair. I went in on crutches and very soon afterwards I was able to walk again - it was marvellous! I'd definitely recommend Mr Chipperfield. He's a rock star. He's changed my life."

Mr Gray is a hotelier who has to climb stairs daily. He was pleased that his recovery time was fairly quick, although he does admit that at times it was not easy.

Unfortunately he has recently had problems with his other hip - but if another hip replacement is needed he will be sure to seek the help of Mr Chipperfield once again.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Chipperfield said: "It is a testament to Mr Gray's determination and hard work in the post operative period that he achieved such rapid and dramatic results. "It was a pleasure to meet him and I'm proud to have been able to make a such a difference to his life."

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Published on 19 December 2016