Phil Seymour's gastric sleeve operation

Phil Seymour's gastric sleeve operation

Police officer Phil Seymour was only the second patient to undergo a gastric sleeve operation at Benenden Hospital and has since lost an incredible 12 stone.

After suffering two mini strokes, it was his “wake-up call” to finally lose weight after tipping the scales at 24 stone.

Phil, 46, said: “My lifestyle was quite unhealthy, I was working long hours, living out of hotels, eating the wrong food and not getting the chance to exercise. My weight affected me quite a lot, everyday things like bending down to tie up my shoelaces, getting into a car in a car park. I didn’t realise that until I had the operation and how I am now.”

Phil came to the hospital after searching for weight loss surgery on the internet and his Consultant was Mr Ahmed Hamouda.

“He was very approachable, very experienced, very understanding, very knowledgeable, and he basically vetted me before I had the operation to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing. I spoke to a friend I knew from Australia who had the same operation out there and he showed me pictures of himself and what he had gone through. He told me what to expect so I did a lot of research and it took me about a year-and-a-half to make up my mind before I decided to go for it.”

Phil waited just four weeks for his operation in 2016 and has since lost half his body weight.

“Sure enough, it was the right operation for me. My recovery was so good that I could have gone back to work the next day.  The nurses were shocked that I was pretty much up and walking around. I couldn’t have done the physical duties I do every day but I could easily have gone back to work the next day and sat behind a desk doing some paperwork. I had a nice big room, bed, TV and shower and I couldn’t ask for more. I had one-on-one nursing and the nursing staff were brilliant.”

Phil has now taken up regular exercise and is planning to run the London Marathon.

Watch Phil's video.

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Published on 20 February 2019