Successful cataract surgery for Neeta Patel

Successful cataract surgery for Neeta Patel

Neeta Patel says that life is now much easier - following cataract surgery at Benenden Hospital.

Mrs Patel, aged 59, had cataracts in both eyes. She could not read a newspaper, as she struggled to make out the words and she was struggling at work, where she needed to use a computer screen and where sharp eyesight is important.

As her sight was becoming progressively worse Mrs Patel decided to visit an optician who told her she had cataracts. She then went to her GP and being a member of Benenden, she asked her GP to refer her to Benenden Hospital.

Benenden Hospital advised her that varifocal lenses would best suit her needs and she was pleased to hear that she could have surgery on both eyes at the same time, meaning only one trip would be required for surgery and a shorter recovery time overall.

Mrs Patel said: "I was a little scared, but the nurses reassured me. They kept talking to me and kept me occupied. However, the first operation was so quick and painless that I was much more relaxed when they did the second eye.

"My eyes are now perfectly fine. After just a few weeks my sight had improved a lot and I am now able to watch television and to read a newspaper without having to hold it right in front of my face. My long distance vision is good too.

"Life is much easier now - at work and at home. The service at Benenden Hospital was excellent and everyone was very kind."

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Published on 16 December 2016