Michael Felgate

Michael Felgate

Michael Felgate is enjoying a whole new lease of life following his hip replacement at Benenden Hospital. The former civil servant, aged 68, needed the operation due to a work injury, caused by repeated pressure on his hip joint.

He suffered several years of pain before seeking help and investigations discovered his hip was simply worn out. The hip became progressively worse and not only was he in pain, but he also developed a limp and needed a walking stick.

He said: "It really began to affect my quality of life. I was in a lot of pain. Most of the time I could get around, but not without a stick."

Mr Felgate, aged 68, from Essex, had his hip replacement operation with Benenden Hospital's consultant orthopaedic surgeon Matthew Oliver in June 2013. Mr Felgate has been a member of Benenden for many years and came to Benenden Hospital as a private patient, taking advantage of a hip replacement discount offered to members.

I felt that Mr Oliver and the staff at Benenden Hospital went the extra mile and I could not fault the aftercare.

Mr Michael Felgate

He said: "I still have a bit of a limp and a bit of pain now and then, but nothing like it was - and usually it's because I have done too much. But I'm now able to walk without a stick and I can run if I'm in a hurry and really need to.

"I recently auditioned for a part in a performance with my local amateur dramatics society, which I would not have been able to do before the operation. I've been involved with the group for some time, but always behind the scenes. I got the part and have gone on to successfully win other parts since - and one even involved doing a dance routine, which I could not have contemplated before."

Mr Felgate is full of praise for Benenden Hospital, his surgeon and the nursing team.
He said: "Mr Oliver did a brilliant job. I'm a retired engineer, so measurements fascinate me and I'm astounded at how he managed to get a new hip so spot on.

"I felt that Mr Oliver and the staff at Benenden Hospital went the extra mile and I could not fault the aftercare."

Published on 16 December 2016