Jill’s sore throat cured by our Private GP service

Jill Humphreys, private GP service at Benenden Hospital

Jill Humphreys had been suffering from a sore throat for nearly two months before her son, who was growing increasingly concerned, booked her a private GP appointment at Benenden Hospital for the same day.

Find out how her Benenden Health membership gave her access to a GP helpline before one of our Private GPs saw her in person.

What symptoms were you struggling with?

“I’d been struggling with a sore throat since the beginning of March this year. It was impacting my ability to carry out daily activities as I was so fatigued by it. I rang the 24/7 GP Helpline, which is available through my Benenden Health membership, and the doctor told me to carry on taking paracetamol. They said that if it got any worse, I should call back again and it did start to improve for a short time.

“However, at the start of April, my throat worsened again, so I contacted the helpline and they advised me to take amoxicillin. Unfortunately, my sore throat just didn’t improve. I knew I needed to see a GP in person to explain my symptoms but my local practice was too booked up.”

What made you book a GP appointment at our hospital?

“On 21 April, my son was getting so concerned that he booked an in-person GP appointment for me online at Benenden Hospital for the same day!”

“Benenden Hospital has six private GPs to choose from. and the GP I selected was a very kind and friendly man. My son and I walked into the consulting room and he was at the door ready to welcome us.”

Was 25 minutes enough time to discuss your symptoms?

“The GP didn’t jump straight into asking what was wrong. Instead, he asked us how our journey was, which helped to put me at ease. You have 25 minutes with your private GP, so there’s plenty of time to talk about your medical history, symptoms, and possible treatment options.

“He then enquired about my symptoms and asked me what outcome I wanted from the appointment – I said I just wanted to feel well again. After he’d examined me, he acknowledged how poorly I was and it made me feel better because I felt heard.

“I’d been feeling so ill and disheartened as the other medication hadn’t worked. He wrote me a prescription for penicillin, which I collected from the on-site pharmacy after my appointment and I was instructed to take them for 10 days.”

How did you find the hospital and its surroundings?

“When you walk into Benenden Hospital, it feels like a five-star hotel, everyone is friendly and it’s clear where you need to go.”

Navigating through the hospital was so easy which, when you’re not feeling well, is one less thing to worry about.

Can you tell us about your Benenden Health membership?

“I became a member of Benenden Health about 15 years ago when I was still working at a school. I knew that my manager was a member of Benenden Health, so when I had a pay rise, I requested I use the money to pay for my Benenden Health membership - and she said yes.

“My son and husband joined my membership too, which has been tremendously beneficial because my husband had his cataract removal surgery at Benenden Hospital.”

How are you feeling now?

“After taking the penicillin for 10 days, my symptoms have improved significantly. I just have residual tiredness from being ill. Had I not come here for my GP appointment, goodness knows how long I would have been ill for.”

Would you recommend our Private GP service?

“I would definitely use Benenden Hospital’s Private GP service again as it was so efficient. If you can’t get a GP appointment at your local practice, you can book a 25-minute, in-person one here for an affordable price. I’ve been recommending Benenden Hospital as well as Benenden Health to people all the time and I think it’s a fabulous service.”

If you’re struggling like Jill, read our article on persistent throat problems by our Consultant ENT, Thyroid and Head and Neck Surgeon, Mr Robert Hone.

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Published on 13 September 2023