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Chris Setterfield’s knee replacement surgery

A smiling Chris Setterfield sitting comfortably in one of the patient waiting areas at Benenden Hospital.

Chris had a total knee replacement in March 2023 under the care of our Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Kumar Reddy. In only five months, Chris has gone from suffering from severe knee pain to jumping up and down at a rock concert! Read on to find out how our private orthopaedic service helped him to achieve this.

What knee symptoms were you struggling with?

“I was experiencing a severe pain in my left leg which made it very difficult to go downstairs, walk my dog, play golf and go swimming – something I like to do every day. If I stepped off a curb, the change in levels would jar my leg and send a shockwave back through my body.”

How easy was it for you to access treatment at Benenden Hospital?

“After suffering from considerable pain for a number of years, I struck up the courage to go to my GP who referred me for x-rays at my local NHS hospital. All my results were then sent electronically to Benenden Hospital, where I’d opted to have my treatment, to be certain of faster access.

“I’ve been a member of Benenden Health since the age of 16 when I started working as an apprentice within the civil service. My family were all members and we’ve received excellent treatment as a result.”

Which of our experienced orthopaedic Consultants did you see?

“My initial consultation at Benenden Hospital was with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Kumar Reddy. His bedside manner was excellent and he kept me well informed. Mr Reddy was open and honest as he clearly explained my x-ray results to me. He showed how my left knee joint was much worse than the other.

“After this, Mr Reddy advised that I should have a total knee replacement and gave me the confidence and time I needed to decide to go ahead with my procedure. In March 2023, I came into the hospital for my knee replacement surgery – far more confident than when I first started on my orthopaedic patient journey.”

What did you think of the epidural you opted for as an anaesthetic?

“Prior to my knee replacement surgery, I was asked if I wanted a spinal anaesthetic, often known as an epidural. I was a bit concerned about the process of administering this anaesthetic, but I was reassured about the risks. I’m glad I went down this route of anaesthetic because I went into a dream and apparently, I was singing Elvis’s songs through the last part of the procedure and even demanding food! On waking, I had no aftereffects and no pain. So, when I return to have my other knee operated on, I will opt for the epidural again.

How was the care you received during your overnight stay?

“Soon after my procedure, a lady from the catering department came up and asked if I wanted anything to eat because I’d been telling everyone, even during my surgery, that I was very hungry. So, she proceeded to give me food in my private bedroom and she even took my order for breakfast for the following morning!

“Everyone that came to see me during the night was so kind and so caring and the porter that took me down the following morning for my follow-up x-ray was very chatty and jovial. I was very at ease, and I felt like I was in a hotel most of the time.”

Did you receive any Physiotherapy to aid your recovery?

“The postoperative care I received after my total knee replacement surgery was excellent. I was asked to ring Benenden Health and arrange a course of six physiotherapy sessions. Fortunately, the physiotherapist was only a mile from my house in Margate which made life very easy. I was so surprised during my first session of physiotherapy, only two to three weeks post-surgery, when the physiotherapist managed to get my leg back beyond ninety degrees! This was very reassuring for my recovery. I followed through on all the recommendations from the physiotherapist which did involve lots of exercises and I’m still doing them to this day.”

Did our facilities and surroundings help to alleviate some of your hospital fears?

“I found the facilities here at Benenden Hospital to be incredible, they far exceeded my expectations. I have a fear of hospitals, I don’t like that ‘hospital smell’ but it doesn’t have it!

“Benenden Hospital is situated in the Kent countryside and when you enter the hospital it inspires confidence. I’ve always had a fear of hospitals – from the smell to the busyness, but this was wonderful – I had a great view of the rolling hills and the meadows from my ward window.”

How are you feeling now?

“Almost five months after my surgery I’m back playing golf – I still need more lessons though! I’m swimming in the sea every day, and I recently went to a rock concert where I was jumping up and down all night and thoroughly enjoyed myself, no recurring pain, my life has changed immeasurably and I walk my dog.”

Chris’s advice to anyone considering joint replacement surgery

“I would wholeheartedly recommend a knee replacement to anyone, but I would ask them to think about it seriously. I was given excellent advice by my Consultant – be resilient, be strong and when you come out the other side, it will all be worth it. There was a little bit of pain for a week or two, but my quality of life has changed for the better. Your wellbeing is a priority.”

Considering private treatment?

Whether you want to access our tests and scans or GP service to diagnose a health concern, or you’re looking to have private orthopaedic surgery or physiotherapy to ease your pain, we can help. Book a consultation today by completing our online booking form, contacting us via Livechat or by calling our Private Patient Team on 01580 363158.

Published on 09 October 2023