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Caroline Swan: a success for varicose veins surgery

Caroline Swan: a success for varicose veins surgery

There was no worrying about having a general anaesthetic when Caroline Swan went to Benenden Hospital for varicose veins treatment.

All that was necessary was a local anaesthetic, to numb the area being treated and while the surgery was being carried out Mrs Swan was able to take her mind off things by plugging into her iPod and listening to Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson.

Mrs Swan had Endovenous Laser Treatment, or EVLT, on her left leg in May 2014 and returned in August 2014 to have the same treatment on her right leg. She's suffered problems with varicose veins for many years - and 11 years previously she'd had the veins stripped.

Mrs Swan, of West Sussex, said: "The newer EVLT surgery is a lot better than how things were done 11 years ago. I didn't have to be put to sleep and there was no need for an overnight stay. Also the recovery time is a lot quicker.

"I couldn't fault the service I had at Benenden Hospital. My surgeon was lovely and so were all the nursing staff who helped to put my mind at rest.

They were very pleasant and answered all of my questions."

Mrs Swan came to Benenden Hospital having been a member of Benenden for many years. Her GP referred her as she was suffering with pain, swelling and cramp. Just a week and a half after surgery Mrs Swan was able to go on a holiday to the Isle of Wight, where she enjoyed walking and sightseeing.

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Published on 06 October 2014