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Gary's urology problems cured

Gary Ransome

Gary Ransome shares how medication prescribed by Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Steve Garnett, has allowed Gary to live his life free of urology symptoms.

“My name is Gary and I live in East Sussex. I came to Benenden Hospital in January 2022 for treatment of a prostate complaint. I was experiencing urology problems and symptoms such as urinating frequently and I suffered with pain on my pelvic bone.

“My symptoms were affecting my quality of life so I went straight to my GP and she referred me to Benenden Hospital for further support.

Why Benenden Hospital? 

“I think patients choose Benenden Hospital for its professionalism, care, hygiene and it is very central to where I live. The environment at Benenden Hospital is first-class, absolutely superb and it’s a brand new building, which is very modern. I thought I was in a hotel it looked so lovely!

“If I could describe the hospital staff in three words they would be: informative, caring and enthusiastic – I know it sounds strange but their passion for what they do made me feel relaxed.”

What medication were you prescribed to cure your urology symptoms?

“I had my initial consultation with Consultant Urologist, Mr Steve Garnett. He was excellent, first-class! He put my mind at ease, gave me a thorough examination and I got on well with him straight away – a fabulous guy.

“The medication Mr Garnett prescribed for me was Tadalafil and he also prescribed me a natural substance called Quercetin. I found the guidance and advice I received before I was prescribed my medication to be thorough, informative and it took any nerves away.

“I found the post-treatment advice excellent and I returned for a follow-up consultation with Mr Garnett in April 2022, where I told him how much his prescriptions had helped.”

What's your advice to men who are struggling with urology symptoms?

“I’m now six months on from my initial consultation and it’s fantastic because I’m experiencing none of my previous symptoms at all!

“I will always be recommending Benenden Hospital to people simply because you get the best treatment for a fair price and you get to see top class Consultants.

“My advice to any men who are struggling with Urology problems would be that you don’t hide your symptoms, you should go straight away to your GP and don’t suffer because there is always help available.”

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Published on 28 July 2022