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How are hip replacements made?

How Are Hip Replacements Made?

While it’s most commonly older people in the UK who undergo hip replacement surgery, it’s not unknown for younger people to also require a hip replacement due to underlying health conditions, accidents and injuries.  

If you’re considering talking to a specialist about the possibility of hip replacement surgery, or you’re already due for a hip replacement, then you may want to find out what to expect. To help ensure that you have all the hip replacement information you need, we’ve put together a quick guide to hip replacements; why you might need one, how they’re carried out and what they’re made from. 

What materials are used in an artificial hip replacement?

Artificial hips are made up of a variety of components and are made from a range of materials including metals such as titanium, cobalt chrome and stainless steel. Other materials used include strong polyethylene and ceramics

You can discuss the type of implant that’s best for you with your Consultant and use this opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have. This is an important consideration as the material of your implant may affect how long it will last.

What are the different types of artificial hip joints?

Hip replacements come in a range of different styles, using different materials and may be described as metal on poly, ceramic on poly or ceramic on ceramic.

Your Consultant will discuss these options with you and use the implant type that best meets your needs

How long will a hip replacement last?

The durability of the implant also depends on the material and its design. The NHS states that hip replacements are designed to last up to 15 years. However, there’s new evidence to suggest that they last longer. Researchers at the University of Bristol found that 58% of hip replacements last up to 25 years.

This difference in estimates between the NHS and researchers is because the NHS tends to err on the side of caution by stating how long they’re designed to last, rather than how long they actually last.

Hip replacement surgery at Benenden Hospital

If you have a question about hip replacement surgery, or would like to discuss any of our other treatments and procedures, we’re ready to help. As one of the leading centres in the South East for hip and knee surgery, we have the experience to answer any questions you may have, whether you’re only recently experiencing hip discomfort or you’re awaiting surgery. 

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Published on 20 October 2020