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Celebrating the amazing work of our nurses

Nursing through coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the amazing work of the UK nursing profession in this International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

However, there's one common thread that runs through nursing teams whether in the NHS or the private sector, and that's one of total devotion to caring and service.

This International Year of the Nurse is the perfect opportunity for everyone across the UK to recognise the amazing work undertaken on behalf of us all, every day of the year, by the nursing profession, whether they work in the NHS or the private hospital sector.

Let’s reflect on the amazing work that nurses across the UK undertake every day, while at the same time taking time to think about the many people who have died during the pandemic and the families affected.

If you’re interested in a career in nursing, help and information can be found here:

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Published on 22 July 2020