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Hospital creates sensory environment with high-tech edge

Hospital creates sensory environment with high-tech edge

Within its newly opened redevelopment Benenden Hospital has unveiled a technology as art project involving LG and OOHSCREEN.

The effects of physical environments have, in recent years, been proved to increase the healing process and wellbeing of patients and healthcare staff. Recognising this, Benenden created sensory experiences throughout the Hospital in both Phase One and Phase Two of its recent building and refurbishment works.

The Hospital’s new light, airy and spacious atrium uses circular patterns on its flooring plus a combination of art and technology to create a relaxing environment for arriving patients. Healthcare employees were encouraged to make suggestions and choose artwork for their wards which also feature fragranced scents to increase serenity and the sense of bringing the outdoors, indoors.
Benenden Hospital enlisted OOHSCREEN, pioneers of art media and digital signage communications, to manage the project. The company’s directors, Hugh Turvey and Lisa Moore initially designed vinyl printed artwork across the large open space but, due to the lack of windows at eye level, searched for technology to bridge the gap between indoors and out.
Patients can now view moving landscape and vertical content, displayed across 15 high definition LG 55 inch screens as they wait for appointments.

The displays are configured in sets of three, resulting in five consecutive HD video walls. The resolution and brightness of the displays emphasise the artwork created by Hugh that replicates the green fields surrounding the Hospital, while maintaining image quality from any viewing angle.

Hugh Turvey, Director at OOHSCREEN said: “This has been a rewarding project to be a part on multiple levels. I spent a lot of time exploring the Hospital grounds and history to understand its ethos in order to create content for the displays that would continue the Hospital’s tranquil ambience. LG was the logical choice and the atrium environment is a place where technology meets art to great effect.”

Ian Tolfree, Key Account Manager at LG added: “The 55” 55LV75A displays offer HD resolution and brightness which performs well in the high ambient light of the atrium, while its streamline design blends in with the modern aesthetic. Benenden Hospital is a great example of technology applied at its best.”

Denise Telford, Director of Business Development and Performance at Benenden Hospital, commented: “It was important for us to keep the heritage of the Hospital running throughout this redevelopment but focus on the future of what we have to offer. It’s been a special project for me as the aim was for the matrons to have a role in selecting themes for their own wards. Hugh and Lisa have gone beyond what we could have imagined and truly created a therapeutic atmosphere through the art and displays. We have already received very positive feedback from patients and they are so popular we are extending the operating times of the video walls.”

Published on 08 November 2017