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Managing the Christmas food fall out

Top tips to help you keep your resolve

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations you often find that there is still a lot of food left over and hanging around – from mince pies and Christmas cake to crisps, chocolates, biscuits and other goodies.

Having tasty treats in the cupboards and drawers can end up with you over indulging not only over the festive period but right up until the Spring, unless you make a determined effort that this year is going to be different.

We've come up with some top tips to help you keep your resolve:

1. Change your mind set about food

There is no point in setting a goal, perhaps to lose weight or to eat more healthily, if you are not going to take action towards that goal. Set a goal and also set up a reminder system. Put up Post It notes that you will see every day, write your goal in a diary or notebook and look at that notebook every day, or set a reminder on your phone.

2. Pause and think before you eat

If there is leftover Christmas food in the workplace pause before you make a decision to eat it. Pause and think about your goal. If a colleague offers to get you a piece of cake from the office kitchen give yourself time and space to think if you really do want a slice, keeping your goal in mind.

3. Have oats every day

Have oats once a day for the remainder of the Winter. They are really nourishing and cleansing on the gut and they will deal with the rich food you have been eating over Christmas. Having porridge for breakfast is the easiest way to eat oats every day, or alternatively have muesli or Oatibix.

4. Sweeten your food with natural sugars

For example, don’t have sugar on your porridge, instead stir in three or four tablespoons of frozen blueberries. The heat of the porridge will make them defrost.

5. Keep hydrated

Drink water when you feel peckish or fancy a snack. It will satisfy your stomach and make you feel full. Most people should ideally drink two litres of plain, still water a day.

6. Have an alcohol free treat

Instead of having a can of beer or a glass of wine after work pour some fizzy water into wine glass and add a slice of lemon, or a slice of lime, a small amount of pineapple juice or a dash of squash.

Published on 18 November 2019